COB Analysis Dashboard

COB Analysis Dashboard for Temenos T24 application can help you in COB monitoring

Temenos T24 Service Perspective

Heading the Temenos T24 Support and downstream services shares his views on the criticality of test environment support.

Temenos T24 Upgrade

Webinar Recording - Top 10 best practices for successful Temenos T24 Upgrade

Expert Speak – Digital Risk Analysis

Tames Rietdijk, Managing partner and CEO of Business Forensics, shares his views on digital risk analysis

Impact Analysis

Maveric impact analysis framework provides banking business users the capability to analyze, ascertain & validate change

Case Study – Copy Data Virtualization

Implementation of Copy Data Virtualization tool and the benefits derived out of it

Building Deeper customer Relationship in Digital Era

Success in the digital era depends on long-standing insight-led engagement between banks and technology providers.

Data requirements validation in AML
5 steps to a digitally transformed organization

Digital transformation presents problems that are complex and undefined which needs phased approach

Recorded Webinar – Where are you in the road to Agility and Continuous Integration ? A QA perspective