Navigating The Future of Banking: Insights and Trends
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Understanding the Shifting Dynamics of Banking Customer Experience

The banking world is on the move. Consumer demands and evolving technologies drive a revolution in customer experience (CX), leaving banks scrambling to keep up. To help you navigate this changing landscape, our podcast distills the critical findings from our latest in-depth report on the state of CX in banking. Join us for a thought-provoking podcast.

Listen to the podcast to understand the nuances of:  

  1. The current state of customer experience within the banking industry.
  2. How emerging trends and technologies are shaping the future of banking.
  3. Strategies for staying competitive in an ever-changing CX environment.
  4. Key insights on personalization, digital banking, and proactive customer support.

Why Should You Watch?

Essential for anyone involved in banking, fintech, or customer experience, this future-focused discussion will enable your organization to build lasting customer loyalty.

  1. Gain a Competitive Edge: Understand the transformative forces in the banking world and how they will impact your organization.
  2. Actionable Insights: Identify practical strategies to improve customer experience and differentiate services. 
  3. Expert Analysis: Get insights from sought-after industry leaders on best practices and strategies for Banking CX’s success.

“To understand the changing banking CX landscape, see it from the triad of forces: emerging technology, sectoral demand, and market infrastructure readiness. Ultimately, customer experience relies on the degree of embedded trust and transparency, and it is here that Banks have to do most of the work.”

~ Ashutosh Karandikar

“Along with tools, technologies, and trends that influence CX strategies for Banking, there are two essential aspects. Firstly, FIs must operate from the belief that employee experiences drive customer experiences. And, secondly, C-Suite leaders must take on the urgent responsibility for instilling and shaping a CX-positive culture.”

~ Annette Franz