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Vision 4.0

Elevate your career with Maveric as we accelerate towards being one among the top 3 global BankTech specialists by 2025.

Investing In Excellence

Experience industry-leading L&D investment at Maveric, ensuring you receive top-tier training on par with the best in the business.

Learning on the Fast Track

Efficiently boost your skills with a minimum of 20 training days per year, embracing continuous improvement and staying at the forefront of industry knowledge.

Transformative Training

Beyond teaching, we ignite engagement, offer mentorship, and instill unwavering confidence – fostering individual and organizational evolution.

Explore our Diverse Course Categories

Compliance courses

Information Security

Risk and Compliance

Data Security and Privacy

Crisis Communication

POSH [Prevention of Sexual Harassment]

Introducing THINK NXT, an industry-first initiative propelling professionals from 0 to 4 years’ experience to new career heights. The Campus to Corporate programme facilitates smooth transition for fresh college talents into professionals through a structured training module covering domain, tech, and soft skills. For Experienced associates, our specialized domain tracks provide accelerated skill development and career progression.

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Culture Workshop
A 4-hour interactive session of thought-provoking material and real-world scenarios covering the 4 Maveric values – Care, Integrity, Commitment and Drive.
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Upskilling courses

Tailored Client Programs collaboratively designed to align with customer needs and future roadmap.

Career Path Exploration facilitating seamless transitions between job families.

Access industry and domain certifications from LinkedIn and Udemy for continuous skill enhancement.

Quick Insight Webinars on Domain Mastery, Emotional Intelligence, and Emerging Tech Skills.

In-Depth Learning Programs: with comprehensive deep dive programs for enriched learning, with cohort and self-learning options.

Leadership Development Programs

Theatre-Based Situational Mastery, equipping tech engineering talent to navigate complex scenarios, from conflicting priorities to managing escalations

Immersive 2-day offsite Leadership Development Workshops, centered on 360-degree feedback for self-awareness, reflection, and individual development plans.

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