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For risk and compliance foresight, strategic digital investments, and robust infrastructure, read Maveric’s 2024 Report – ‘Rude Awakening.’ With bespoke technology roadmaps, anticipate and navigate forthcoming regulations, ensuring you are proactive in your strategy.

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Personalization-led CX Transformation for Wealth Management Excellence


Rude Awakening 2024 – Realignment with a new regulatory course

The winds of change are evident. Today’s regulatory focus is granular. Develop guidelines for newer risk areas and common data standards to leverage technology. Embrace new technology for risk identification, like advanced analytics, big data, and AI. Tune in to Maveric’s Podcast for more.

[11:40] Tridib Roy Unlocking ROI: Mastering Hyper-Personalization in Wealth Management


What systematic risk are regulators now observing?

As financial institutions significantly elevate their non-financial risk management, they must address how their operational systems offer resilience. Maveric’s newsletter discusses holistic risk management standards across technology governance, regulatory standards, and toolkits.



Rude awakening: 2024 Realignment with a new regulatory course

Since 2009, regulatory fees have increased dramatically. What do the CCO, CIO, and CFO teams need to realize ROI on their RegTech investments? Be it transparency into risk exposure, control effectiveness, or integrating risk management governance with the issue management process, Financial institutions must up their game with a Framework.

Key regulatory Timelines


The Regulation Timeline

How will the risk and compliance landscape transform across the US and EU from late 2022 to early 2026? The regulatory state of play is in constant flux. Scopes expand, intensity increases, and data standards alter. Where does one start? Begin at Ground Zero with our Infographic.


Regulatory Compliance Readiness

Beyond the Hype, Into the Strategy. Uncover the real journey of Financial Institutions blending cutting-edge technology with robust organizational frameworks to conquer regulatory challenges.

Regulations getting more tech-mature – What Financial Institutions need to do to be ready


Tech-Forward Compliance

Financial Institutions are gearing up for a new era of tech-mature regulations, harnessing AI, big data, and cloud computing to meet the intricate demands of digital regulatory reporting and data standardization. Discover what it takes to contend with the multi-faceted challenges of real-time personalization.

Delving Deeper: The Methodology Behind Our Hyper-Personalization Framework


Collaborative Innovation in Finance

Financial Institutions are embracing the RegTech ecosystem, fostering partnerships, and leveraging regulatory sandboxes to drive innovation, ensure financial stability, and revolutionize compliance strategies.

Unlocking AUM Growth: A Deep Dive into a Wealth Management Personalization Case Study


RegTech Realism

Financial Institutions are integrating AI, ML, and cloud solutions to meet regulatory demands, but success hinges on strategic alignment, robust data architecture, and a culture of collaboration.