Rude Awakening 2024 - Realignment with a new regulatory course
Director, Thought Leadership
Maveric Systems


Deepak Bhatter
Independent Consultant - Risk management & Regulatory compliance
Asian Development Bank


Regulatory focus intensified after the Great Financial Crisis, impacting the maturity profile of Financial Institutions – large and small. As deep tech permeates, Fintechs emerge, data standards evolve, and regulators revisit operational standards, the industry faces a renewed granular focus on financial risk.

Listen to the podcast to understand:

  1. Why are the shifts in Regulatory Realignment termed a Rude awakening? Integrating deep tech advances for Financial Institutions is not just about reshaping risk management but also redefining regulatory compliance and supervision – a reality that most are ill-prepared for.
  2. What are the top three priorities that C-Level Executives face daily? As Financial Institutions face multifaceted challenges in adapting to regulatory changes, the key to navigating this landscape is to create a fresh understanding of compliance and collaborate with regulators, peers, and RegTech providers.
  3. Are the Compliance challenges structural or competency or an intent issue? Uniting various aspects of Regulatory Operations and successfully Implementing RegTech relies on an organizational culture that encourages real-time integration and transparency.

“Since the term ‘RegTech’ was coined in 2011, we have come a long way. The sector is now a teenager, and not a toddler. While the appetite is high, much of RegTech’s success will depend on how many parallel conversations we have with our partners, peers, and providers.”

~ PJ Giammarino

“RegTech is not a magic pill. The implementation success increases as our sector understanding deepens. It is essential to weigh the critical fronts for the various risk types – financial, non-financial, ML, or ESG – such as digital investments and fit-for-purpose infrastructure. Only then can banks make informed choices of the emergent technologies like AI, APIs, Cloud, or LCNC platforms. We are traversing exciting times.”

~ Deepak Bhatter