“Who you are with on the bus is more important than where the bus is going.” – Ranga Reddy, CEO

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10 to 14 years

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8 to 12 years

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5 - 10 Years

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2 - 6 Years

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3 - 7 Years

Our Beliefs

Originally derived from the founding teams’ belief systems, our enterprise principles and values, have been continually informed by instances, influenced by books we read, and shaped by our industry experiences. The Maveric Growth Journey is a living, breathing ‘collaborative’ that increases in confidence by leveraging the best in the ecosystem.

Hungry for knowledge and perspective, we actively seek new insights, Reflecting on own and borrowed learning, eager to distill this into wisdom that helps shape a point of view. We are a learning-teaching enterprise, committed to transformation.

This is how Maverics live.

Life at Maveric

We are Maveric not only in name but in spirit too. We are youthful, we enjoy full access to our leaders, and we treat our colleagues across levels with respect and affection. We believe that the freedom to learn, to experiment and make mistakes builds our strong innovative culture. For the last 20 years and counting, we have taken care of each other.

Just For Pleasure

Just For Pleasure

Just For Pleasure

Just For Pleasure

Watch Journey of Maveric systems

It’s live now! Maveric Walkathon 2019 – An event to remember

Maveric Walkathon 2019

MCC Ooty trip

Watch Maverics put on their artists’ hat


Maveric Football Carnival 2014

Meet Our People

Let’s get acquainted

There are many ways to know us but nothing better than meeting a Maveric!

Teenu Francis

Principal Software Engineer

Sonandra Borah

Manager, Integrated Delivery

Janice Dsa

Employment Experience

Guru Prasad

Starting new at Maveric

Abinaya Sridharan

5 years Journey

Maveric Benefits

We value our associates more than anything. Benefits include, but are not limited to:

Client Facing Opportunities

30% of our employees work out of our client locations across the globe

Unmatched Perks & Benefits

Highly competitive compensation and Flexible tax benefit plans which saves your earnings

Fuel Career Acceleration

Equal opportunities for associates to build and expand your knowledge, leadership abilities, and skill set.

Health and Wellness

Medical coverage that keeps you and your family healthy

Flexible Work Options

Super flexible programs to support work-life balance.