Why Banks Must Adopt Digital Transformation Strategies


Cloud In Banking

Cloud In Banking

Era of Open API

Experience Engineering Drives Real Digital Transformation

Successful digital transformation unlocks the enormous business potential of customer experience for a bank. Reimagine digital delivery with pre-built accelerators, integrated customer & product journey catalogues, and ready-to-deploy DDR models. Maveric twin central frameworks – Assure Risk and Assure Impact, comprehensively map changes in user journeys, and possible risks to system – ensuring superior digital solution design. Rapid prototyping of MVP and strategic roll-out is now in your hands. This is experience engineering at its best. Maveric makes it possible.



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Proprietary Digital Transformation Approach

As a trusted partner to digital-only banks, as well as legacy banks actively embracing digital, Maveric leverages pragmatic innovation and purposeful ecosystem partnerships, to bring your digital ambitions alive.

Services and Solutions

We are a digital boutique specialised in integrated digital development, offering a wide range of product/tech agnostic solutions. As your focus shifts from break-through tech solutions to break-through business solutions, you’ll better appreciate the foundational rigour of pre-built accelerators, security & risk frameworks, and ready-to-deploy digital delivery models.

We help you prepare for tomorrow!

The Open Banking and Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) is set to change the way both banks and the customers operate. Our digital experts offer a consulting led approach, powered by domain experience of over 2 decades to enable your bank embark on an accelerated path to compliance.

Our expertise areas –

  1. AISP and PISP
  2. Strong Customer Authentication
  3. Fall back mechanism
  4. Regulatory reporting
  5. TPP Management

Successful digital transformation calls for a specialist

Maveric has a strong knowledge base of canned user journeys and dynamic repositories of customer touch points along with personas collated and developed throughout the transformative digital lifecycle.

Our Digital experts offer various services, to help banks and financial institutions propel higher through effective client onboarding processes.

  1. AML/KYC
  2. Customer Experience Management
  3. Customer lifecycle Management

Enhanced and personalized re-engineering – The Maveric way!

We believe in strategic use of technology for an accelerated impact and better business performance.

Our Microservices offerings include –

  1. Services Development
  2. Microservices management & refactoring
  3. Fintech API integration
  4. Plug and play with our 40 + Banking API Libraries across platforms
  5. Oracle SOA, OSB & AIA Implementation Services

Your mobile banking strategy built on Maveric’s robust platforms

At Maveric, our deep understanding of the banking ecosystem is the reason for our ‘signature’ digital simplicity, demonstrated in every customer’s transformative journey. Our solutions are designed mindful of customer adoption as the foremost parameter coupled with customer satisfaction and enhanced retention.

Our offerings include –

  1. Native and Hybrid development
  2. Full stack expertise in development
  3. Distributed Agile
  4. DDR approach

Accelerate next with our cloud expertise for banking!

The ability to adhere to outcome-based delivery principles underlines our confidence in creating and delivering the right impactful cloud based digital solutions to help banks and financial institutions succeed. Our solutions are reliable and robust – a Maveric promise!

We can help you with the following –

  1. Cloud Environment Enablement
  2. DevSecOps
  3. Application Modernization
  4. Cloud Deployment as a Service (CDaaS)

Accelerated innovation by DevOps Enablement.

Maveric Digital DevOps expertise helps our banking customers achieve faster delivery of innovation with closer parity between environments, optimised infrastructure resources with maximum scalability. Maveric purposefully partners with relevant players in the industry and helps create modernised container and cloud platform strategy for it’s customers.

Bringing an Idea into production fast and not compromising on the quality is the driving force at Maveric’s DevOps practice.

Our offerings include –

  1. Continuous everything
    1. Continuous Integration
    2. Continuous Delivery / Deployment
    3. Continuous Testing
    4. Continuous Operations / Support.
  2. Containerization and Orchestration
    1. Docker and Kubernetes
    2. OpenShift
  3. DevOps strategy & consulting
  4. DevSecOps