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Staying current on top of Oracle’s Siebel applications latest release is always the right move to take advantage of its news features, functionalities and enhancements. It also helps businesses to stay in line with oracle’s product life-cycle strategy to avoid any risks of being unsupported.

With Siebel 18.4 version, Oracle has introduced continuous release model which helps customers to get updates without upgrading to major releases. The new model provides the ability to deliver new features and innovation faster to customers in the form of “updates”.

Maveric’s Oracle Siebel upgrade service offers rapid and cost-effective upgrade solutions to the latest version of Siebel CRM. Our upgrade approach enables you with a smooth transition to Siebel 18.4 upgrade from any older Siebel 7.8. /8.0/8. x versions.

Our Value proposition

What we offer

  • Upgrade impact assessment
    • DB upgrade assessment
    • DB upgrade assessment
    • Business process upgrade assessment
  • Technical upgrade to latest innovation pack, In-place upgrade with shorter deployment cycles
  • Pre deployment performance testing and tuning
  • End-to-end Siebel testing
  • Post – upgrade verification and validation

The Results we deliver

  • Open UI based consistent -browser independent user experience.
  • Stay current with updates and one-time upgrade to Siebel 18.4 version.
  • Minimize the chance of encountering known bugs and security vulnerabilities.
  • Reduce maintenance and operational costs

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