Life at Maveric:

Winning as a team by

backing each other

We are Maveric not only in name but in spirit too. We are youthful, we enjoy full access to our leaders, and we treat our colleagues across levels with respect and affection. We believe that the freedom to learn, to experiment, and make mistakes builds our strong innovative culture. For the last 23 years and counting, we have taken care of each other.

Meet the Maverics who believe in the power of Possibility Thinking.

Support through each stage of your life

Hybrid Work Model


We encourage everyone to come to our plush offices, for better collaboration, take part in training and engagement for professional development, improve wellness and Work-Life Balance. We’ve enabled flexible work options though, with hybrid model, where employees need to work from office on three days of the working week (* based on the project requirement).

Health Care


Keeping Maverics’ healthy in all areas of life is a priority. This means employees have access to medical insurance for themselves and their dependents. In addition to great healthcare coverage, we also offer all employees mental health resources.

Parental Benefits


In addition to our Maverics’ employee resource group, we offer generous paid leave to new parents, covering both paternity and maternity leaves, to support in welcoming precious new life.



While Maverics help Banks win hearts of their customers, we also volunteer to grow our impact on the communities in which we live and work. Maverics, with the help of select NGOs work on two areas – Health and Education, to address critical social and economic needs of the under-served sections of the society.

Employees Resource Groups


We recognize that, Belonging is an important part of doing your best work. These ERGs provide support and community for employees globally: MavericSportsClub, Families@Maveric, MovieClub, StellarTravel and Women@Maveric

Get Rewarded


We believe that exceptional efforts deserve exceptional recognition. Our Rewards and Recognition program is designed to celebrate the dedication and hard work of our incredible team members. Whether it’s acknowledging milestones, outstanding achievements, or simply saying ‘thank you,’ we take pride in nurturing a culture of appreciation.