Being digital doesn’t stop with customer experience. It’s just a beginning. True digital banks leverage new tech for superior customer outcomes.

Customers no longer base their experience perceptions solely on price, product, or convenience. Instead, expectations will be based on how they are receiving the services, in terms of response times, personalized advice and intuitive & easy next steps. Having become used to the services by BigTech like Amazon, Netflix, Google along with a host of FinTechs, they expect the same from their banks.

Responding to the fast-changing customer needs and expectations as well as threats from FinTechs and BigTechs mean that banks need to have digital operations platforms which can convert service concepts to customer outcomes much faster.

According to a leading survey, 81% of companies compete mostly or completely based on customer experience, making it a key competitive differentiator for financial institutions in 2021 and beyond. While banks will have to compete to provide the smooth experience for its customers on all channels, migrating their decades of banking knowledge to easy to use digital processes can be the secret ingredient for competitive advantage. Be it ease of onboarding customers, continued customer conversations on multiple channels, devices and locations, extremely personalized offers or new product launches, the traditional ways of doing banking (including digital banking) must change.

Steps to becoming a fully digital bank

Banks understand that they are superior to the FinTechs and BigTechs who only provide a sliver of the traditional banking services. But to provide integrated solutions for their customers, banks need to ensure that their coverage of the customer needs are comprehensive, yet their service outcomes need to be better than the specialized FinTechs.

FinTechs and BigTechs have great product platforms which translate services ideas to full cycle platforms in agile ways. These competitors are much more mature in product development, deployment, and customer support. They leverage agile methodologies, DevOps and Cloud, data life cycle management through DataOps and MLOps and advanced BPM tools and robotics to enable this.

Our Focus

We have blended the emerging trends with our 2 decades of experience in working with global and regional banking leaders, to create excellent digital banking operations solutions. They are:



Digital banking is mostly about calibrated accurate and seamless flow of data between specialized systems. With our 20 years of banking we have created ready to use data pipelines between various systems which have embedded ways to validate the data against banking data models. The solutions we provide are specific to the banking process and cover the entire gamut from finding, evaluating, and defining the sources of data to final consumption point. We also ensure reliability of data pipelines through continuous monitoring and telemetry.



To deliver on the promise of great digital outcomes, banks must continuously innovate the processes through which they deliver services. We have created ready to use automated process blueprints for a few digital banking operations on top of industry standard platforms. They can integrate with any front end, core banking as well as CRM applications and deliver fully digitized banking outcomes.



We ensure that your customer experience investments are backed by ability for continuous delivery of software. We provide CI/CD pipeline for your choice of technologies contextual to the banking process for which you are creating the platforms.

ITOps, Cloud Management and SRE

ITOps, Cloud
Management and SRE

While DevOps may provide the agility for change, the reliable continued service delivery is dependent on the banks’ ability to monitor, review and make necessary corrections to the services rendered. To enable our banking partners on this front, we have created specialized solutions which can proactively manage service platforms on premise or on the cloud. These are fully integrated and with telemetry to detect and cure anomalies to drive extreme reliability of digital services.



To deliver innovative and personalized services to customers, banks have to use embed advanced algorithms in their business processes. Our MLOps closely work with the data scientists and ML engineers from problem identification to agile development of solutions and fully own the production deployment, continuous monitoring, and review of the decision models.

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