At Maveric, we are a training program designed to focus on the ‘evolution-to-revolution’ trajectory.

Moving beyond the paradigm of ‘building skills to perform well in existing roles’, our focus is to rewire corporate learning so that revolutionary changes are made possible by technological advances.

Are you an individual who..

Specialize on tech hyper-contextualized for a business domain?

Sharpen new-age skills on marquee client projects?

Forge memorable relationships within a culture that cares?

Acquire competencies across data, digital, QE and product essentials?

Receive mentorship from leaders with proven industry success?

Learn from the best-in-class banking transformation projects?
Seize rare upskilling opportunities to build an aspirational career?
Vibe with a community mad on tech and on championing change?

If you answered YES to these, then Maveric’s THINK NXT Program could be for you!



THINK NXT catapults professionals with 0-4 years of experience at least 1.5 years ahead of their peers in big brand tech companies.

It is our promise to accelerate your career through a personalized, and an industry-leading training initiative that alters your professional capabilities in ways you haven’t imagined.


Specializing in BankTech

A niche Bank- Tech services provider to Retail, Corporate and Wealth management organizations

Join Marquee Client Projects

A partner of choice to 7 out of the top 15 global banks and 15 out of top 50 regional banks and select Fintechs.

Connect with exceptional Leadership

A leadership team noted for industry accomplishments and matured over decades of Maveric tenure.

Vibe with a culture that cares, and dares together

Purpose, People and Passion – three pillars for a culture that celebrates Meraki.
* Meraki is Greek for working with soul, creativity, and love

To be one of the ‘Global Top 3’ by 2025

Aiming to be the top 3 niche, domain–led, BankTech specialist across retail, corporate and wealth management digital ecosystems.



THINK NXT functions on a field-tested multi-dimensional framework that picks from the best practices in the industry.



Inspiration, role-modelling, individualized guidance, and real-world application helps the learner gain motivation and confidence.



Working on real-world client projects hones problem solving abilities, project, and time management skills, and sets a Maveric employee firmly on the path to innovative thinking.


Emerging Tech

Fostering interdisciplinary and entrepreneurial thinking, THINK NXT program enables participants join the ‘big picture complexities’ and the ‘relevant technologies’ needed to solve them.


Domain Specialization

Cultivating a depth of knowledge, gaining industry-nous to solve the stickiest challenges, and creating niche opportunities for quantum growth are outcomes of the THINK NXT program.


Acquire new skills

Dynamic business changes pushes everyone to their limits. With THINK NXT as an example, expect to acquire new skills at Maveric – from online certifications, internships, accelerator programs, volunteering, and stretch assignments.



We live the values of Care, Commitment, Drive, and Integrity. In these four attributes lie the answer of every situational complexity, a Maveric may encounter.



The World Economic Forum projects that 50% of all jobs will require a change in skillsets by 2027. At Maveric, upskilling is a full-time job! THINK NXT is a prime example.


Professional transformation

Transformation at Maveric goes beyond daily operations. The THINK NXT experience, aims at elevating the very limits you can achieve, over time.


Career Growth

The core of THINK NXT is to accelerate career growth. So that you can clearly outpace your peers at the big brands.


Learning Oppurtuniites

70% of Maveric engagements include transformation in some shape and size. This is where THINK NXT participants get to apply the skills they master!


Aimed at providing a detailed understanding of the Domain for the associates to set a rock-solid foundation.

Tech Muscle

Aimed at strengthening the base and introduction to the technology currently being used.

Tech Specialization

Picking a particular stream and exploring all the available technology in depth.


A persona and career building activity that will not stop when the associates move to the next level. A constant support system that will help them evaluate themselves and make the right choices. It’s a Maveric brand promise to all our associates.

Career Tree

Meet The Mentors


Vasif Syed

AVP, Growth Partner for Strategic and EU Key accounts.

Shailendra Kumar

Senior Technology Specialist, Technology Engagement Partner

Shanmugasundaram Arumugam

Transact Technical Architect

Amit Pishe

Practice Leader – Data Viz & BI

Ram Doddy

Delivery Partner – Digital BU


Why Think NXT

Since inception in 2000, we have exponentially scaled our partnership with multiple global top 10 banks and regional banking leaders through high demand tech services across data, digital, core transformation as well as quality engineering.

By 2025, we aim to be recognized as the top 3, domain-led, BankTech solutions specialist transforming retail banking, corporate banking and wealth management digital ecosystems by

Gaining leadership through proven solutions for CXO challenges in the areas of customer experience, digital operations, connected core, regulatory compliance and cloud enablement.

Becoming a partner of choice to 7 out of the top 15 global banks and 15 out of top 50 regional banks and select Fintechs.

Substantially invigorating the delivery model, talent nurturing process and customer centric culture that assures heightened customer mindshare and builds competitive differentiation.

Maveric’s Think NXT Leadership program, is a uniquely crafted training initiative aimed at creating a differentiated talent pool that can help us realize our aim to be the top 3 BankTech solutions specialist, while retaining the ability to be nimble enough to adopt technological shifts, quickly. Our differentiated talent with layered competency – deep domain and emerging tech leadership, supported by a culture of ownership, energy, and commitment to customer success, has been highly instrumental in creating strong customer trust for over two decades. Think Nxt will help us further strengthen our talent differentiation.