Core, as the name conveys, is the heart of the banking system. It is the prime among the transaction systems to provide the much needed content across all other critical function of the bank be it Finance, Risk, Regulatory or Pricing.

Maveric, at this time, focuses on the Temenos suite of products which comprises in its fold, the most comprehensive transaction system Transact that cuts across retail, corporate, wealth, asset management and treasury; Infinity, the banking services embedded digital platform; a comprehensive front, middle and back office integrated wealth platform Temenos Wealth Suite, Financial crime management (FCM) and technology components across integration and data.

Maveric services are along the full life cycle of these system covering:


This could be a green field one for new or neo bank; migration from other systems to temenos suite or re-implementation, which is somewhat akin to migration though within the same family and this approach is more relevant than going through the upgrade process. While we align to the suggested methodology of Temenos, we have built accelerators that would cut down time and ensure comprehensive capture of requirements so that the quality of the final systems is in alignment to the needs.


This encompasses many things, the chief among them being:

  • Enhancement or customization to the product;
  • Interfaces with other systems be it channels or data and including external systems and feeds;
  • Upgrade from one version to another including retrofitting of enhancements made to the former; and
  • Refactoring of codes to simplify maintenance, improve performance or optimize the resources.

Maveric’s libraries and help guides are critical elements that enhances the quality of development and guarantees faster delivery.


Multiple factors play a part in this which include the technology stack especially between the digital and transaction systems; the geographical distribution and the need for local language support; the deployment environment whether in cloud, hybrid or on-premise; the types of environment to be covered say from development all the way to production and the age of the systems and the extent of modifications in them.

Our Focus


IT Tech 

Based on the ITIL model, these services cover the following

  1. L1 to L4; the L4 being critical with most banks having a large number of COTS products in their portfolio
  2. Types of deployment- cloud, hybrid or on-premise
  3. Covers both Temenos suite and other systems in the bank excepting the enterprise systems
  4. All types of environment.
IT tech operations Support

IT tech
operations Support

IT tech operations support that caters to

  1. User management
  2. Parameter maintenance
  3. Close of business runs
  4. Performance optimization
  5. Administration across application, database and middleware


Many a times Banks need the assistance of experts in coming to key decisions concerning their tech portfolio including:

  1. Product selection
  2. Key features in a particular sub domain or function
  3. Oversight on requirement definition
  4. Critical process management like cut-over, release and post-release management including for trailing data; or
  5. System sunset or migration

Maveric through their leadership provides consulting assistance when needed by the banks and continue through the strategic and operational implementation of those so that the desired objectives are met.

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