Siebel Virtual Assistant Services

Digital chatbot driven customer service

Shorten sales and service cycle using digital

Digitizing customer service with virutal assistants

Chatbots have made immense strides in redefining sales and customer service levels. They not just help you with lead generation, also gather critical feedback, offer quick assistance, resolve queries real-time and more. Siebel virtual assistant is a digital chatbot offering integrated with Siebel CRM mobile. End-users can easily interact with the Chatbot for resolving their queries quickly, with the data being sourced from the underlying Siebel system.

Siebel’s virtual assistants will help shorten sales and service cycle through guided sales/service flows, take timely action by proactive tracking of sales/service activities and provide what needs to be done to turn things around in a quick time.

Our Value proposition

What we offer

  • Business process fitment analysis and design
  • Virtual sales assistant Bot to improve sales efficiency, more time spent on selling rather than tracking
  • Virtual service assistant Bot to provide faster resolutions to problems
  • Knowledge management assistant to find the right answers instantly than to search manually, provide access to all knowledge sources through single interface

The Results we deliver

  • Improve productivity and sales force efficiency by allowing them work more on sales activities
  • Increased self-service to reduce number of service calls to customer service
  • Reduced service resolution time by providing solutions to problems in a real-time
  • Provide latest and relevant information on products and service offerings to sales instantly thereby reducing manual effort

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