Wealth Management 2024 Report – Transcending Turbulence
Director, Thought Leadership
Maveric Systems


Efi Pylarinou
Global Fintech and Technology Leader
Eswaran Swaminathan
Banking Technology Advisor


The wealth management industry faces challenges and opportunities in the current economic landscape. To optimize costs and pursue growth, firms should focus on modernizing their IT infrastructures to offer flexible solutions that can serve new markets and handle diverse asset classes.

The industry is seeing shifts in client demographics, with younger and more female investors emerging. These new investors have different preferences and risk appetites, and they are growing interested in alternative assets and investments that align with ESG values. Wealth managers must adapt their offerings to meet these changing needs.

Technology plays a major role in the industry’s transformation. AI and digital channels can streamline customer journeys and empower advisors. Digital transformation is essential for firms that aim to stay competitive. Success will require finding the right balance between digital channels and personalized advisor engagement.

The podcast highlights the dynamic nature of the wealth management sector. Firms that continuously adapt to market trends embrace innovative technologies, and carefully balance automation with human expertise have the best chance of maintaining a competitive edge.  

“Even with the tech stack complications and market volatility overwhelming the best in the business, there are unprecedented growth opportunities for the innovative organizations that embrace the tectonic demographic shifts, alternative asset classes, and emerging ML and Gen AI possibilities.”

~ Efi Pylarinou

“Winning Wealth Management firms will demonstrate abundance in two primary ways—relentlessly acquiring skilled talent that can manage and advise customers on newer WM possibilities and, secondly, leveraging technology that not only does market research and seamlessly handles customer communication but also keeps pace with addressing the changes in regulatory reporting.”

~ Eswaran Swaminathan