Data Analytics Importance in the Finance and Banking Industry

Data Analytics Importance in the Finance and Banking Industry

Data Domain model

Data Domain model

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Data Transformation For Precision Banking

Data is the lifeblood of precision banking and superior experience delivery. In the rush to address the mechanics (velocity and volume) of data – which aren’t the real problem, not nearly enough attention is invested in data versatility and veracity. Maveric uses domain wisdom and tools innovatively to ensure data veracity – 100% of data is checked, fully integrated, clearly tagged and slotted, ensuring accurate event stream mapping, and leading to appropriate actions and decisions. All of this, quicker and with greater resource optimisation.

Our domain-led data models, real-time data integration and 3 layered accuracy assertion, provide conscious contextualisation. Ready-to-deploy decision models leverage transformation, interpretation and monetization guide paths. Data pipelines and data quality solutions manage variety, volume and velocity of data flows, at scale.

When on-demand data is engineered for accuracy, you’re accelerating towards better informed decisions. Maveric makes reality-checked decisive decisions possible.


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Services and Solutions

We drill deeper than domain, to understand the nuances of your bank’s issues and aspirations. There is a distinctive competitive edge to be had in how data is used to solve your bank’s unique business problems, and drive your particular growth strategies. The best technologies across the Data Maturity Scale are applied to configure fit-to-purpose data solutions, which allow for data to be mined and sliced in ways most relevant to your needs.

Agile accurate migration of data from one critical system to another

Leveraging our domain expertise and experience, we have developed data migration processes and best practices that ensure disruption free migration.

Key features –

  1. Domain model bringing in ready to use models, mappings & validation rules
  2. 3-layer assertion ensuring audits at each step hence guaranteed accuracy
  3. Traceability ensuring agile re-work and faster implementation

On-Demand Delivery of Accurate & Timely Data for your Omni channel Banking

Digital Banking is the need of the hour. As you gauge your preparedness, it is worthwhile to remember that success of Digital Banking is dependent on the appropriate ‘Data Fabric’.

Key features –

  1. Integrate real time multiple data sources using state of the art technology components
  2. Validate on the go by Domain model & rules from our 20 years of banking experience
  3. Govern as you consume with Data and Business Processes tempered by working with large banks

Uninterrupted Banking by bringing in 100% Compliance Accuracy

Digital banking comes with more compliance & regulatory audits – Are you prepared ?

Key features –

  1. Charge up your compliance journey by leveraging Ready to use Models, Mappings & Validation Rules from our 20 years of banking experience
  2. Take advantage of our Robust Processing Framework through automated profiling and discovery, data quality validations, and data curing
  3. Be assured of the depth of our Compliance expertise through our years of experience in Fraud, AML, CCPA and KYC

Create complex data processing workloads that are fault tolerant, repeatable, and highly available

Managing Real Time and Batch together at large volumes, and addressing Data Quality and Integrity needs by building and maintaining robust data pipelines – Are your data pipelines addressing the real elephant-in-the room?

Key features –

  1. Choose from an exhaustive Catalogue of Services – Assessment of current data pipelines, optimization recommendations, building a self-service layer, data quality assessments, and development services
  2. Competitive edge with Accelerators and Frameworks – Data Ingestion Framework and Domain Model led approach incorporating the Data Quality Management, Self-healing & Visualization Capability and Data Assurance i