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Decode the maze of customizations
with Temenos L3 Solution


The pace of digital transformation in the banking world is now fifty times more than what it used to be earlier. In order to support aggressive banking strategies and go-to-market plans, some of the Core Banking Application development efforts take the route of heavy customisations. This leads to high maintenance costs and a possible roadblock for your future business innovation.

Banks need smarter and innovative solutions which can reduce complexities in Temenos applications and drive operational efficiencies.

Enable “Back-to-core” possibilities with Maveric’s L3 Solutions

Banks can decode the maze of Temenos Transact (T24) customisations with Maveric’s L3 solutions. Our Temenos Certified Specialists orchestrate and articulate their unmatched product stack mastery to enable “Back-to-Core” possibilities. They listen to you, on your requirements and align with you, to assess your current application state and recommend contextual solutions with emphasis on maximum core utilization. We accelerate the entire solution deployment program, through our DevOps led processes and automation driven CI/CD pipeline.

Our L3 services


  • Implementations
  • Release Upgrades
  • AFC to TAFJ Conversions
  • LD to AA Migration
  • Desktop to Browser Migrations

Run-The-Bank (BAU)

  • CR Developments
  • Regulatory Requirements
  • Regional Compliance Requirements
  • Additional features on existing Products
  • New Products


  • Java for TAFJ
  • Development on Java for TAFJ and on INFOBASIC for TAFC & TAFJ
  • Temenos SaaS implementations
  • Generate Transact Event Data using Temenos Event Framework
  • Development of Transact Publisher ReST APIs
  • Development of Web Services

Additional Services

  • DevOps implementation for Temenos Transact (T24)
  • Installation of new Transact Modules with zero/minimal customization

Decoding the maze the customization

Take a close look on the approach, stages and
a few customer engagements for L3 development

Download the solution guide

The Maveric Advantage

A Temenos partner with vast pool of certified experience specialists

OPEX reduction of up to 30% with Offshore based Delivery

Acceleration with 100% collaboration through DevOps led execution model

Rapid prototyping enabled through tools and accelerators across the CI/CD pipeline

Alignment to Temenos Implementation Methodology (TIM)

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