About the Tool

  • MCIA is a proprietary tool which automates code conversion from older version to newer version as part of Transact upgrade
  • MCIA is a java-based light weight code retrofit tool, which can be deployed in any environment
  • We maintain a repository of obsolete & incompatible APIs of each release and update it to replace these with new APIs as per the target Transact release, providing coverage from R09 to R21 versions of Transact
  • This repository is kept alive and updated in line with newer version Transact releases by Temenos
Our Tool Capabilities

Discovery of the various APIs and routines used in the lower version and replacing them with the updated versions of APIs


Tool finds obsolete fields, tables, and syntax changes within core APIs


Tool automatically discovers & retrofits obsolete & incompatible APIs


Code retrofit can be done by a single file or via batch conversion


Wherever manual intervention is required for conversion, the tool automatically generates a report highlighting the issue for ease of tracking and correcting


Tool generates Reviewer and Build versions of retrofit code

Our Approach to Local Code Conversion
LCC files upload / input codes
  • We can either input the codes to be retrofitted, or
  • We can upload single / zip files to be converted
Transact Release-based Conversion
  • Transact target release can be set to convert
  • The conversion will be based on this chosen Transact release
  • Convert the input code / upload files with a single click
  • The conversion will be based on this chosen Transact release
  • We can download the converted files as a zip file
  • We can control downloaded file’s content by choosing which code we want (Review or Clean code)
Conversion Status
  • We can see the conversion status on the screen
  • Converted content can be seen in case of single file / multiple file upload
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