Our Temenos SaaS experienced professionals can provide answers to your intricate questions about moving to
Temenos SaaS, tailored specifically to accommodate your exact needs. Some common questions our
consultants have been helping our customers with are:

Should you opt for Public Cloud or Temenos SaaS ?

While migrating to Temenos SaaS should other workloads remain on-prem or move to cloud ?

How will the Local Customizations be maneuvered if moving from legacy T24 or any other source system ?

What should be the interface approach from Temenos SaaS ?

How to cut down impact on satellite systems of Transact when moving to Temenos SaaS ?

What are the best practices while adopting Temenos SaaS ?

Maveric Project Management

At Maveric, we offer Agile squad-based delivery with a
team of experts who have thorough experience in
Temenos SaaS Programs to help you steer past all
complexities and challenges

Maveric Project Management

We ensure comprehensive planning
for your end-to-end
Temenos SaaS Program

Our holistic approach to
planning and tracking
guarantees success of
your Temenos SaaS

We ensure comprehensive
governance involving
Temenos (as the provider),
you (as the customer), and
us (as your implementation

We ensure punctilious
dependency management
throughout your Temenos
SaaS Program

Our Implementation Approach

As a trusted partner for our customers, we have been delivering large-scale Core Transformation
Programs globally, and over the years we have gained significant experience in delivering complex
multi-country rollouts. We will leverage this experience in enabling you on your transformation
journey to Temenos SaaS. Our expert consultants are adept at

Process Led Workshops
and Gap Lists for migrating
into Temenos SaaS

Private, Retail, and
Corporate Banking
product configurations in
Temenos SaaS

Interface, API configura -
tions, and Local (L3)
development suited for
Temenos SaaS

Impact reductions on
satellite systems of Transact
while moving to
Temenos SaaS.

Automated Testing
Framework for
Temenos SaaS

Go Live and warranty

Data Migration Tool and Capabilities

Data Migration from On-Prem into Temenos SaaS is now made easy thanks to our in-house Data Migration tool

Our in-house tool for data migration
caters to your specific needs
of migrating into Temenos SaaS

We will seamlessly convert your
non-AA components into
Arrangement Architecture (AA)
in Temenos SaaS

We provide comprehensive
reconciliation and reporting to
guarantee peace of mind

We deliver an automated run -
book for migration into Temenos

Our migration approach includes
multiple dry runs, dress
rehearsals and End-to-End testing
on migrated data to inspire confidence
before Go Live
Maveric Alignment Strategy

Transforming your core to Temenos SaaS requires upskilling your staff and adopting newer ways of working. We provide
comprehensive training tailored to your specific needs in order to make your team ready for Temenos SaaS

We help inculcate Agile
and DevOps culture
within your IT teams

We provide training to
your teams on the newer
tools and technologies
introduced within your
transformed IT landscape

We help upskill your
teams to support and
analyze issues on
Temenos SaaS

We provide operating
manuals and training
documents to support
your teams

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