COB Monitoring Tool is an in-house tool that manages automatic COB operations, generates required files, generates an alert mechanism when COB is hit with a fatal error and provides detailed reports on the current COB and the previous COB runs.

Key Highlights

  • Automates COB management and generates alerts in case of errors
  • Supports single-app and multi-app servers
  • Provides detailed analysis and reports
  • Runs on both TAFC and TAFJ environments

Tool Features

Pre-COB Checks & Pre-COB
File Backups
Automated COB
Automated COB Monitoring
& Issue Reporting
Automated Alerts
Generation for Fatal Errors
Post COB Checks
Automatic File Generation
Transact Auto Services
Status Report of COB
Progress & Completion
Detailed Dashboard on COB
Execution & Performance
The Challenges You Have Today

Close-Of-Business (COB) is one of the most critical banking processes in Temenos and is imperative for carrying out banking operations effectively

At times, handling and managing Temenos COB processes manually can be highly cumbersome and resource-intensive

Our Solution

Automated process of COB execution

Fully Secured automation since backend access is restricted to the user

Efficient Risk managed tool reducing human errors with improved quality

Complete Reports on COB status and progress

COB Management from multiple environments simultaneously

Detailed Dashboard with trend analysis on COB and Batch Jobs execution along with performance comparison

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