About the Tool

  • AssureHawk is a first of its kind automated tool which compares two different Transact environments
  • The tool is primarily built for Transact upgrades
  • It also doubles-up as the ‘scoping tool’ to gauge changes within customized code

Transact Component Comparison

Compares and generates Change Log Document between two Transact environments, covering the following components:


Fields level validation - Application

Attributes (data type, length, formatting…)

Versions – Fields and Data

Data Records

Impact Analysis Document Generation

Generates Impact Analysis Document on the Transact components (Versions / Enquiries) based on the schema changes between two Transact releases.


Parameter Documentation

Documentation of the Transact configuration of a Transact instance



AssureHawk is always kept up-to-date with latest Transact releases, and is compatible with all Temenos AMR releases as well

Upgrade Approach

AH Extractor Tool

  • An Infobasic routine that can be compiled and executed in both TAFC and TAFJ environment
  • Deploy AH extraction code in source / target environment (Infobasic code)
  • Compile code and create required folders

Extract files from Transact SRC / target environment

  • Run the program
  • Extract the components from Transact source / target versions
  • Files to be in the required OFS format

Import Files into AH Platform

  • Create new model in AH for source / target environment
  • Import the required source version extracted OFS messages into AH platform
  • Import target environment extracted OFS messages into AH platform

Business Requirements

  • Verify all the Modules, Applications, Versions, Parameters, EB errors, and Services between the previous and target release
  • Record the difference in results of each component defined in the AH Platform

AH Change log report / Parameter reports

Generate log for all compared components of:

  • Applications
  • Modules
  • Versions
  • Parameters
  • Errors
  • TSA services, and generate change log document


  • Standard Selection analysis
  • Version analysis
  • Enquiry analysis
  • TSA Job analysis
  • Batch Job analysis
  • Batch Print analysis
  • Transact Routine compatibility analysis
  • SPF analysis
  • Reports including all of the above


  • Understand AH Change log report:
    • Difference in versions
    • Difference in code tables
    • Difference in enquiries
    • Difference in data records
  • Derive and add test cases to the Maveric’s / Bank’s existing repository
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