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Temenos TAFC to TAFJ Conversion

In the age of digital banking, every bank must stay ahead of disruptive technology curves. Thus, the modernization of the Temenos core banking system becomes extremely critical, by staying on top of its latest release, using a robust upgrade and migration strategy. Upgrading also lets you avail newer and better functionalities, which your bank could benefit from.

Temenos TAFJ

Temenos TAFJ leverages the Java Technology features, thus enabling Temenos to take advantage of the latest technologies. TAFJ helps banks realize the benefits of digital banking through seamless integration with new integration technologies like Open Banking APIs, devices, social media.

Maveric Systems has been at the forefront of the latest Temenos product and technology offerings, thus helping and assisting banks in taking the right roadmap for the successful migration from their current implementation. Our Temenos specialists, with their expertise on the Temenos technologies, study and analyze your existing TAFC implementation and provide the best approach for a hassle-free TAFJ migration. We also help you in identifying and capitalizing on the tools and technologies that can enhance your current processes and bring in automation using TechOps.

Temenos TAFC to TAFJ
Maveric Systems Conversion Approach

Maveric has standardized templates to discover and identify your current Temenos T24 implementation. This helps in the decision making of various aspects including compatibility of your existing IT infrastructure. Our consultants then implement TAFJ and do a seamless migration of your existing code base through maveric code integrity assistant. With Temenos design studio and our capabilities on setting up a CI/CD pipeline, your T24 development process can now take advantage of agile methodologies. Our business consultants and testers help in the SIT and UAT of the migrated environment.

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The Maveric Advantage

Local Code Conversion

Helps in converting local code into TAFJ standards. This automates the conversion of local code into latest TAFJ standards and eliminates 70-75% of manual work.

Upgrade Target Testing

Our in-house built Transact Upgrade Tool, AssureHawk would give the frequently used routines, versions, enquiries and reports which can be used etc, for ensuring seamless upgrade process

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