Ever-changing customer needs, increasing competition, regulatory enforcement, and complex business environments have been forcing banks to take a closer look at their core systems. In a marketplace dominated by exceptional customer experience, the ability or inability of a core system to keep pace with the changes mandated by the customer-facing applications marks the difference between success and failure.

Transforming a core system is utmost challenging, wrought by a plethora of pitfalls, and commands tremendous interplay across multiple service providers and banking lines of business. For banks with a new age core system in place, managing subsequent upgrades and integrations to surround applications, especially the fast-changing Omni channel customer applications, take up substantial mindshare. To add to the woes, new age architectural enhancements like Microservices and APIs as well as development methodologies like agile and DevOps, play an influencing role in core system modernization.

Product Capability

Maveric offers end-to-end core transformation and upgrade services that help financial institutions ensure success of their transformation/upgrade programs, and derive maximum benefits by getting it first time right. Our services embed deep domain knowledge, application-speci­fic expertise, hands-on risk management experience (acquired through delivering multiple transformation programs) and unique accelerators and productivity tools. Our knowledge across a wide range of digital platforms and products ensure that your core system modernization is tightly integrated to digital capabilities, thereby ensuring that your customer facing initiatives get benefitted by a transformed core.

Our expertise spans across a wide range of core banking solutions including Temenos T24, Finacle, FLEXCUBE, iMal, etc. We have over 100,000+ person days’ banking transformation and upgrade experience and have played a key role in managing over 60 core modernization engagements.