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Multi-Country roll out

Multi-Country roll out Mobile banking has become a ritual. Instant account access, user-friendly flows, faster transactions, real-time updates and more, are some of its key features. A global tier-1 bank was in the phase of multi-country roll out of its mobile application as part of the digital transformation initiative. Maveric’s digital team engaged with the bank, the project was named as Mobile 63. The application was built on the AngularJS web application framework, in an Agile mode with features being released on a sprint basis. The application was built to enhance bank’s existing interface facilitating the credit card customers, and also to augment the bank’s cross sell/up sell initiatives in the mobile application functionality. Explore how we provided the solution with our tools by addressing the challenges on data migration, and test case execution. Also, learn how the team achieved the key metrics such as 50% defect detected through automation, 90% of regression tests automated, multi-level automation with service layer tests fully automated to 100%.