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Webinar Recording: Maximising Customer Value in Banking using Predictive Behavioural Analytics

Webinar Recording: Maximising Customer Value in Banking using Predictive Behavioural Analytics
Banks that engage at an emotional level with their customers can identify new opportunities and challenges, increase revenues, reduce costs and build customer relationships for life. Predictive behavioural analytics amalgamates behavioural science with advanced analytics, giving you a solution to not only anticipate customer needs and wants, but also help you engage with your customers in the right way. In this webinar, you will learn about how you can leverage behavioural analytics to :
  • Understand your customers and improve customer satisfaction
  • Enable a personalised, highly relevant customer experience that delivers quantifiable value
  • Monetise your relationship with your customers
Listen to our webinar recording to understand how you can leverage behavioural analytics to improve customer satisfaction, drive sales, maximise CLTV and reduce cost.

Get to know the Speakers

Peter Dorrington

Founder, XMplify Consulting Ltd.

Peter is an expert in using a combination of data and behavioural sciences to lead transformation in the field of Experience Management within omnichannel environments..

Muraleedhar Pai

Executive Director, Maveric Systems

A hands-on technologist, Muralee Pai, has been credited with building and transforming cutting edge, scalable IT products and platforms for finance and retail leaders across US, UK and India.




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