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Graceful Degradation in Digital Banking

Graceful Degradation in Digital Banking

The way quarantines and social distancing work for humans, Graceful Degradation is a fail-safe resilient system for the hyper-connected world we live in.

Checkout the webinar hosted on Techgig where Maveric Systems bank tech experts – Supratik Nag and Sunil Prakash spoke in detail about how Graceful Degradation generates the power of resiliency, an ability to maintain limited functionality to prevent catastrophic failure even when a large portion of enterprise system is rendered inoperative.


Webinar Recording – Temenos Transact for Retail Banking

Webinar Recording – Temenos Transact for Retail Banking

The current economy surfaced with COVID-19 has forced banks to look beyond the traditional walls of existing retail banking solutions. Future of banking lies with solutions which could offer supreme intelligence, flexibilities and efficiencies to serve the ever increasing digital population.

Temenos, the worlds no-1 banking software company has introduced an enhanced solution – Transact! A component based solution which allows you to create highly personalized, innovative and customer-focused product offerings. Embraced with a powerful and user-friendly framework, Transact supports diverse interest, fee and transaction charges setup and role-based home pages for users. Highly intuitive personalized options such as custom set of screens, enquiries or menus are available on demand, which makes the platform all the more fascinating for day-to-day banking operations.

As an end-to-end retail banking solution, Temenos Transact covers the entire gamut of retail lending features with configurable products. Customers can add new products at any time of the day to meet the ongoing demands of the bank. That’s the ease of flexibility which we are talking about in Transact.

In this webinar recording, we have listed some of the breath-taking features of Transact and how banks can deliver an awe-inspiring customer experience.

Our Speaker:

Roselin Vihila

Roselin Vihila G.

Principal Consultant, Maveric Systems

Roselin has a long association in the Temenos world. She has more than 16+ years of experience in Temenos Core banking solutions. As a functional consultant, she has specialization in retail banking modules enriched with multiple Implementation projects for various global clients.


Webinar Recording: Intelligent Test Automation for XAI enabled Temenos Solutions

Webinar Recording: Intelligent Test Automation for XAI enabled Temenos Solutions

Whether it is cloud enablement for Temenos core banking or digital onboarding through Infinity or the cutting-edge microservices architecture of Temenos Transact (T24) solution, the needs for re-engineering test automation approaches have grown significantly for continuous and accelerated quality.

Added to the complexity, eXplainable AI(XAI) models and constructs require a holistic approach to black box automation through pro-active data guidelines, domain model-led test scenarios including data integrity and referential/synthetic data (with masking capabilities), to ensure the quality and coverage of test outcomes are robust and comprehensive.

In this webinar recording, you will learn the various technologies that the Temenos platform includes (Transact and Infinity), their potential test focus areas, automation approaches and frameworks for continuous quality and building a future-friendly, shift-left engineered automation pipeline for your Temenos architecture. As part of the webinar, we have covered the following agenda in detail

Recommended approach for continuous quality engineering for Infinity and Transact covering:

  • Product paradigms, layers and test interventions
  • Focus areas and recommended approaches for the application layers
  • Best practices for end-to-end automation
  • Introduction to how Maveric’s IQe platform and its solutions enable accelerated automation in an XAI world
  • A Quick Case Study

About the Speakers:

Ramesh Vasamsetti

Ramesh Vasamsetti

Director , QE Technology


Yogeshwar (Yogi) Shivshankar

AVP, QE Technology


Webinar Recording: Maximising Customer Value in Banking using Predictive Behavioural Analytics

Webinar Recording: Maximising Customer Value in Banking using Predictive Behavioural Analytics

Banks that engage at an emotional level with their customers can identify new opportunities and challenges, increase revenues, reduce costs and build customer relationships for life. Predictive behavioural analytics amalgamates behavioural science with advanced analytics, giving you a solution to not only anticipate customer needs and wants, but also help you engage with your customers in the right way.

In this webinar, you will learn about how you can leverage behavioural analytics to :

  • Understand your customers and improve customer satisfaction
  • Enable a personalised, highly relevant customer experience that delivers quantifiable value
  • Monetise your relationship with your customers

Listen to our webinar recording to understand how you can leverage behavioural analytics to improve customer satisfaction, drive sales, maximise CLTV and reduce cost.

Get to know the Speakers

Peter Dorrington

Founder, XMplify Consulting Ltd.

Peter is an expert in using a combination of data and behavioural sciences to lead transformation in the field of Experience Management within omnichannel environments..

Muraleedhar Pai

Executive Director, Maveric Systems

A hands-on technologist, Muralee Pai, has been credited with building and transforming cutting edge, scalable IT products and platforms for finance and retail leaders across US, UK and India.