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Bespoke Development

  Bespoke Development

Maveric’s development services range across requirement definition, product design and prototyping, development, quality assurance, and live-environment launch. Our end-to-end services are offered in varying scopes for both native and hybrid app development, customization of COTS products, along with value-added services for seamless interaction of existing legacy native apps with newer apps & ecosystems. Our services are backed by laser focus on quality and native experience through use of reusable components and an Agile mode of delivery.

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  Product Implementation

We help you implement industry-leading digital platforms be it omnichannel platforms, customer experience systems, or online portals while minimizing custom stack.

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Our microservices offerings offer front-end functionality redefinition to make it simple and user-friendly, yet at the same time, complex enough to handle your unique requirements, as well as myriad touch points. At the backend, we enable deployment of a discrete microservice layer that will accelerate your existing legacy architecture by increasing the efficiency of critical functionalities and add additional functionalities not supported by the older architecture. For banks and financial firms that expect difficulties in letting go of their legacy in a big bang transformation, our microservices offerings can help you replicate existing functionalities and gradually replace the old architecture over a period of time while inducing speed as well as scalability.

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On the API front, our services are aimed at facilitating and enabling banks to collaborate with the external financial ecosystem such as fintechs, consumer brands across the globe, in order to build innovative digital solutions. We help you deploy and integrate IT solutions across multiple geographies and teams in order to implement digital transformation strategies better, while addressing regulatory and compliance requirements as well.

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Maveric’s CI/CD Approach to Agile delivery structures enables continuous integration of development build and automated test execution and removes the need for a cumbersome integration layer, thereby enabling quicker deployment.