Digital Assurance and Digital Transformation Services

Customer facing applications like mobile and web are at the core of digital transformation across various sectors today. Customers now have a choice to effortlessly switch to alternative providers and are increasingly intolerant of poor user experience, functional defects, below-par performance, or device compatibility issues. Assuring the quality of applications across digital landscape is now more important than ever

The latest research from the World Quality Report 2015-16, shows that 35% of the QA and Testing Budget for new development is spent on mobile and front office (customer channel) solutions.

Even those organisations with a solid testing foundation encounter challenges with digital quality assurance, including the following:

  • Platform, OS and Device fragmentation
  • Device physical characteristics
  • User experience
  • Performance
  • Security
  • System integration
  • Managing app distribution

Our Services

Maveric’s digital assurance services enables organizations to handle the complexity and scope involved with testing across multiple digital platforms, devices and services. Driven by strong expertise in leading open source/proprietary tools, processes and frameworks, we help you drive your digital assurance initiatives for enhancing usability and user experience.  Our services include the following.

Key benefits

Flexibility: Our integrated end to end digital assurance offering provides you with flexibility by delivering the right testing service that you need, helping you address your core initiatives with minimal focus on assuring the quality of customer and user experience across your digital landscape.

Quality: From initial testing consultancy to Test Factory, we provide rigorous high quality service at every stage, thereby ensuring the quality of your digital applications before your customer experiences the application.

Cost Reduction: Our managed end to end digital assurance service helps your control and reduce costs in the current landscape of escalating digital testing costs. Our proprietary service delivery accelerators and platforms also help to speed up the testing process thereby helping you perform high quality testing not only more cost-effectively but also at lower cost.