Data Migration

  Data Powered M&A

Banking M&A landscape has been witnessing a steady increase driven by an aim to deepen and broaden presence in growth markets, compete with new age Fintech players as well as increased need to drive asset growth. However, many M&A engagements run into rough weather on account of an inability to integrate effectively. The need of the hour is a partner who can seamlessly integrate applications and data from start to finish. Know more

Data Virtualization

  Data Fueled Omni-channel Strategy

The success of omni-channel customer experience lies in enabling seamless navigation between channels and providing an integrated as well as consistent experience to the customer. Leading researches show that brands with effective omni-channel strategies retain on average 89% of customers, all the more reason for banks to employ only the best of breed solutions for each channel.

A critical component that drives the success of best of breed ensemble of solutions led omni-channel approach is the data exchange between these solutions. When developed bespoke, these solutions can act as a bottle neck on account of their inability to exchange data seamlessly, thereby leading to sub-optimal decision making and challenging governance. Know more

Data management

  Advanced Analytics Data Factory

With banks today being extremely customer-focused, the need for knowing customers intimately, analyzing costs with surgical precision and evaluating risk scenarios has become paramount. However, analyzing the right data at the right time from the right source in the right measure continues to be a key challenge. Meeting this sub-optimally would mean risking the business through wrongly premised decisions.

The need of the hour is a factory approach to analytics where appropriate data, algorithms, compute power, and  analytical tools are available on a flexible mode, resulting in models that have been devised, tested and validated on smaller samples prior to being rolled out as a service. Know more