Data Migration

  Data Migration

We understand that data migration is not a simple task. Whether changing, upgrading or consolidating systems within a storage environment—data needs to be transferred safely, cost-effectively, and with reduced business disruption. While migrating, it is important to verify that all migrated content arrives in the target system without affecting quality and quantity.

Our services take into account that each migration is unique to the project and its data, and that depending on the specific use case, a migration can turn into a highly complex project. Storage related migration services focus on host or network-based field or block level migrations and array-based block level migration, while database migrations/ETL offer migrations of data from source to target databases with or without transformations and validations. Not only technical aspects are taken into consideration, but also the project management and communication within the enterprise need to be coordinated, in order to facilitate efficient migration with utmost data integrity.

Data Virtualization

  Database Virtualization

Database Virtualization is ideal for situations where data demands change quickly and access to the data in real time could be critical to business outcomes. Maveric’s Data Virtualization services provide access to all of your data sources, allowing federation and alignment of all of sources into a single consumable data model. There may be regulations and security concerns preventing data access when needed, database virtualization can overcome some of these challenges because it leaves the data at the source while providing federation with other sources and virtual access from anywhere.

Our database virtualization services include abstraction, virtualized data access, transformation, federation and data delivery, covering a wide spectrum of source systems and making them available to users or client applications in the format required by them.

Data management

  Data Management

The successful outcome of any business, especially banks, is driven by the ability and availability of quality data. Maveric’s data management services include Data Ownership, Data Architecture, MetaData Management & Data Delivery. Our data expertise is focussed on extraction and validation of data accuracy and integrity, as well as utilisation of tools and frameworks that clean up the data, identify defects, and prevent issues of replication. On the test data management front, our frameworks address discovery, extraction, and masking of test data as well as automation of anomaly checks and refresh process to ensure consistency of the test environment.