Data is the new fuel.

In an ever changing financial ecosystem dotted with new age players and Fintechs possessing the ability to create exceptional customer experience-driven products, collating, managing, and monetizing data is integral to banking business acceleration. With the rise of the tech-savvy consumer creating digital footprints across multiple channels, the amount of data available for generation of insightful information has also grown exponentially. Banking leaders across the globe are vigorously working to understand newer ways and means of leveraging this data to understand their customers better, arrive at innovative revenue streams, mitigate risks, and drive efficiencies across operations.

Our approach

Maveric's approach to business acceleration through data aims at two critical aspects - the first one, enabling you to envision your ability to scale followed by achieving risk-free scale up and stability, and the second, driving monetization of data and decision making through analytics.


  Data Transformation Planning

Accurately measure your ability to scale, even before undertaking data initiatives through

  • PoCs aimed at helping you generate blueprints, pivot and reboot and thereby, reducing the risk of new data strategy adoption,
  • Extended Delivery Centers (EDC) or Centers of Excellence (CoE) that help you materialize your vision and scale on-the-go based on transformation blue print

  Fail-Proof Scaling

Reduce the risk of failure while scaling your data operations through

  • Big Data platform adoption and management, ably-supported by our extensive data validation experience,
  • Leveraging the data assets through integration of banking applications, and
  • End-to-end ownership of your data transformation program with data, program and business metrics

  Post Scale Stability

Achieve stability across your operations once you have attained the optimum level of scale through

  • Data factory which delivers data to the business users as consumable reports, analytics engines as APIs or self-service platforms helping you to have data back all your decisions,
  • Managed data pipelines which absorb the changes in source system and ensure that downstream dependencies are maintained, and
  • Managed offshore delivery centers on BOT / BOOT (Build, Own, Operate and Transfer) models.
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  Monetization Enablement

Fuel your growth through the right amount of data given by

  • Experiments-driven analytics model development,
  • Inference, recommendation and validation engines,
  • Engines as APIs or services, and
  • Reports and Infographics.


Enable data drive your business decisions through the right mix of

  • Dashboards and alerts that give you an insight into your business KPIs,
  • Visual metrics that help you analyze your business scenarios visually, and
  • Reporting all the way from on-demand and self-service reports to regulatory and governance reports.

Key Strengths

With over two decades of banking industry experience, we have extensive understanding of data and its nuances as it pertains to the banking ecosystem, making us an ideal partner for your data transformation needs.

We bring to table the following key strengths

  • Delivery experience of over 60 multi-regional core banking lead transformation engagements for global, regional as well as new age banks and Fintechs, equipping us with 10,000+ person years of working closely with data in banking context
  • Deep expertise across latest data technology platforms,
  • Agility not only with respect to the processes but also in terms of mindset, and
  • Nimble enough to start quickly, accelerate in no time and make informed course corrections on your data initiatives.