Customer data gleaned across channels provide banks with actionable insights into customer behavior, preferences, and demographics, thereby helping them move towards the next phase in customer engagement through hyper-personalization. Banks have realized that data is their biggest asset; however, the rise in access channels, proliferation of online and social media hubs, have led to the availability of unprecedented amount of data. Adopting a time-tested data management approach is imperative for banks to handle and utilize their ever-growing data and realize business benefits.

With the increasing number of customer touch-points and myriad sources for business data, banks need to adopt an integrated strategy to harness the enterprise data generated from traditional sources (transactional system, CRM system), legacy sources (mainframes, AS400, etc.) as well as new age sources(social media, weblogs) in real-time or near real-time. Maveric’s data services help in identifying the right set of data and enable rapid deployment, thereby, ensuring the availability of validated and verified data for business users. We provide an end-to-end framework for managing and utilizing data across multiple information sources with a focus on data being optimized, secure and automated.

Our data approach focuses on two aspects:

  • Make data compliant with security regulations so that it is available in a ready state for use by internal or external stakeholders,
  • Make data ready for decision making.

Our services include

Data Migration

  Data Migration

Data Virtualization

  Database Virtualization

Data management

  Data Management