Data Fueled Omni-Channel Strategy

Business logic-aware data middleware that is extremely flexible, nimble, agile, and scalable.

The success of omni-channel customer experience lies in enabling seamless navigation between channels and providing an integrated as well as consistent experience to the customer. Leading researches show that brands with effective omni-channel strategies retain on average 89% of customers, all the more reason for banks to employ only the best of breed solutions for each channel.

A critical component that drives the success of best of breed ensemble of solutions led omni-channel approach is the data exchange between these solutions. When developed bespoke, these solutions can act as a bottle neck on account of their inability to exchange data seamlessly, thereby leading to sub optimal decision making and challenging governance.

Our Approach

The guiding principle of our approach is the creation of a business logic-aware data middleware that is extremely flexible, nimble, agile, and scalable. This can successfully address the challenge of seamless customer experience.

Salient features of our approach are

  • Technology agnostic strategy that delineates the business and technology layers, thereby, future-proofing investments
  • The business layer abstraction and rule engines are provided as logically deployable artifacts that can be implemented using technologies/platform in line with your roadmaps
  • Future proof approach focused on delivering your current data agenda in line with anticipated business needs
  • Service stack spans across data analysis & modeling, data lifecycle design, data ingestion & validation, data transfer, API and reports development as well as comprehensive verification
  • Managed services across the data lifecycle that enables you to focus on creating competitive differentiation of your business, while we manage your data


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