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With the launch of Temenos Infinity, there is a lot of curiosity on what this product will offer and how will it change the way people bank. This blog aims to summarize key characteristics of the product.

The endless possibilities of Temenos Infinity

Being the first core-agnostic product, Temenos Infinity elevates customer experience journeys to newer heights through its power-packed XAI-driven engine. The robust microservices based architecture plays its trump card for enabling customer personification through its standalone distribution services, beyond banks existing digital banking capabilities. The following infographic highlights some of the key capabilities of Infinity platform.

The endless possibilities of Temenos Infinity

Top 9 things to know about Temenos Infinity

Let’s start with the product architecture.

Temenos Infinity product architecture is agile, it allows distinct and faster upgrades, and improves scalability. Through this upgradeable, standalone distribution services banks are able to retain their own apps and digital banking experience but offer deeper personalized customer engagement capabilities. The product is SaaS cloud-native, cloud-agnostic and is easily deployable on any platform. The modular design of Infinity, where banking capability is deployable as separate, productised modules, allows Temenos to deliver capability on any scale within the bank’s ecosystem. The deployment of Infinity can be different for every bank based on their business requirements and can create seamless banking experience across channels. Infinity’s marketing and user modules can reinvent bank’s digital channels through its new mobile application.

API First Approach
Temenos Infinity product uses APIs which are Experience APIs, Enterprise APIs and Third party APIs. This helps Infinity fit anywhere and allows the bank to swap in, swap out or develop resources as its digital strategy evolves. Temenos Open APIs (a readymade repository of over 700 customizable banking APIs for Transact, DataHub, Fund Administration, Portfolio Management & Open Banking) are backed by a developer portal, that streamlines the banks’ ecosystem to connect with partners to provide the best seamless experience.

Design Engineering
Infinity is instinctive in design. Banks can use Infinity’s solution features to provide services and cross-selling products / services based on customer profile. Infinity’s design tools allow banks to quickly adjust or create workflows, products, and services. With its XAI powered engines and behavioural analytics capability, it advocates the bank to extend new services and offerings for their potential customers.

Temenos Quantum Visualizer a powerful, multi-channel JS API framework that enables designers, developers and line-of-business to quickly configure, integrate the Fabric services, build and deploy the apps across the channels.

Real-Time Marketing 
Infinity’s real-time marketing capability helps to demonstrate the importance of the product to personalized customer journeys. Real-time events initiated by customers, bank or external parties are subject to Infinity’s Digital Decision Engine. Every data source, from account activity and location to social media and biometrics, is analyzed to deliver the right product to the right person in real time through the right channel.

Intelligent decisioning, a highly customizable workflow and smooth third-party integration are all designed to drive both customer satisfaction and build long lasting relationships with those customers. A deeper explanation for Infinity’s agility and flexibility lies in the decision to bring the marketing catalogue, product details and banking processes out of Transact (the core banking product) and into a completely stand-alone front office.

Single Experience Platform
A banking organization needs a seamless flow of information across all the departments or segments. Temenos Infinity offers an intuitive interface that enables the bank to enrich the customer experience all through the customer journey across all channels by configuring and integrating the experience APIs. The product offers one-bank experience to customers.

In-depth Analytics for Superior Results
It is a no brainer that deep data analytics is helping banking organizations reap huge benefits. Temenos Infinity uses an analytics engine that not only helps the banks improve their profitability, but it also helps to improve the market penetration by analysing the customer behaviour and banking patterns. Analytics integrated with Temenos Infinity allows banks insights into clickstream and digital campaign effectiveness.

Microservices Architecture
Temenos Infinity employs a microservices architecture in order to deliver it’s cloud-native, cloud-agnostic capability. These microservices are highly maintainable, scalable and independently deployable/upgradeable. These microservices are translated as cloud-based API’s for enabling banks to easily connect with their ecosystem partners, developers and Fintech community.

Faster Time to Market
Temenos Infinity’s boxed solution structure offers the convenience of controlling your roadmap, thus helping customers to accelerate their time to market. Banks can launch  new products and digital initiatives within just weeks. Continuous improvements can be introduced based on the regular campaign performance monitoring and the desired outcomes. Temenos Infinity is the leader in customer experience agility.

Deployment Flexibilities
Temenos Infinity is primarily a SaaS based solution and can be easily deployed in an on-premises environment. Infinity can be implemented on different cloud platforms including AWS and Azure to name a few. Additionally, it can also be implemented either in Temenos SaaS or Customer’s own cloud.

How can Maveric Systems help you in your Temenos Infinity Journey

At Maveric Systems, we bring our connected core promise alive to #AccelerateNext using our strong team of 550+ Temenos specialists who offer encyclopaedic Temenos proficiency. We analyse, implement, upgrade and support Temenos suite of applications, with our contextual solutions and services. With our best practices, proven methods, tools and accelerators, we unlock maximum returns from your Temenos investments.

We support our partners and customers in building the Infinity user journeys, deploy out of the box features, customizations and custom apps development. We also help customers in setting up Infinity Cloud and On-premise environments. Maveric has in-house capabilities to train the client resources on latest Infinity versions such as 2020.10 & 2021.01 etc. Unveil the promises of Temenos Infinity and some of its best features to #AccelerateNext your banking transformation.

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