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Oftentimes it is not the change itself that poses a challenge as much as our inability to seek help.  Whatever the change may be – ranging from as simple as moving into a different workspace within the same office to joining a new company – we may be reinventing the wheel by not asking for help!

H-E-L-P. It is a four-letter word – innocuous, universal, and a sign of our being human. And yet, sometimes the hardest thing in the world is to ask for it.  Asking for help is a scientific process and when mastered can accelerate learning and therefore, productivity.

In recent times, however, the waves of hashtag awareness campaigns on the social-media-seas, is thankfully reversing our attitude towards seeking help. We may not have turned into proactive-help-seekers overnight, but the criticality to do so, increases each day. We miss the interactions that characterized the pre-pandemic days, etching in our consciousness, forlorn memories of the cafeteria conversations, passionate debates, impassioned debriefs, celebratory events, and not to forget the heavily loaded smiles that we exchanged with our prank-mates even while rushing to take the crowded lift car so we may make it on time to office!

We are getting used to the new normal and learning cannot happen through real-time observations and classroom spaces alone, not anymore!

New situations call for new learning methods. It is time to seek help by asking the right questions and learning thus.

Inclusive leaders understand asking for help is an organic way of allowing team members to share their expertise and knowledge with each other. Getting out of comfort zones, is the first (and the toughest) step towards beating the forces of ‘negative’ gravity and ‘fear-of-failure’ inertia.

For those of you who are new to mind maps, here’s one coming your way… and yes, do watch the Queen’s Gambit, if you already have not. The power of the mind can bring to life even the boring ceilings of a dilapidated orphanage!

Mind Maps

And, the next time when someone pushes you, understand that they see your potential and want you to realize your inner power.

When you encounter an unknown terrain, start with tracing out a Mind Map. Mark out areas that you need help executing or even formulating. Articulate this to your team. You would have pushed your boundaries, acquiring the power of the proverbial queen!

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