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Research to Results by redefining the intersections between people and technology

Data Technology Innovation Lab – is the Maveric way to solve today’s existential problems by reimagining the customer’s tomorrow-value paradigm.

Banks that capture the zeitgeist of ‘20’s will be the ones driving adoption of maturing digital technology that is more commoditized and accessible, and also, harness scientific advancements that leverage the industry’s ecosystem.

Experiments at the Maveric Data Laboratory merges our deep belief in client-reliability with a precocious talent across applied data sciences. As institutions scan the banking ecosystem to either seize the approaching technology shift or negotiate the veiled disruptive threat, Maveric Data Labs prepares you with a potent techno-domain edge to convert disruptions into competitive advantages faster than before.

The involved steps in Maveric led digital transformations are neither incremental nor are they about finding the next ‘silver bullet’. Rather a contextualized plunge between blue sky thinking and applied technologies, the experiments at the Data Innovation Lab build solutions that are unbiased of open source or commercially licensed technologies.

The modus operandi for running experiments here are straightforward.

Guided by a set of concrete business benefits, Banks engage with Maveric Data Labs. The engagement that can spark in any number of ways, needs a problem statement to be articulated at the outset. In specific ways. Either through an intended business impact or transcending a big picture challenge or co-creating a tangible human experience or even by, agreeing on bottom line metrics as a key measure of the experiment’s success.

The problem statement is then parsed into functional and non-functional elements. Thereafter, related experiments are set up, run and packaged as Proof of Concepts. The presented PoC’s come with appropriate choices of solution architecture, and recommendations for underlying technologies (Open source and/or commercially licensed).

At Maveric Data Lab, Innovation missions typically work across a 2 to 8-weeks window on experiments that aims to put technology back into specific business situations.

A 4 to 8 – member agile team of SME, Domain experts, and Technology specialists work on naturally scalable, cloud based solutions across Synthetic Data (Domain model and statistics) and Public data (Indian market, Social Sites, and Open data)

Few of the open projects at DataLabs@Maveric include:

  • Live streaming of market data
  • Automated valuation model for real estate
  • Ecommerce – price comparison website
  • Hotel Search & Price Comparison website
  • Loan processing solution
  • Credit Card Fraud Detection system
  • Targeted marketing based on card transactions
  • Fraud Detection in cross border financial transactions
  • Market based Analysis platform
  • Centralized Data Hub for a Bank

If you are keen to explore the B-I-G question that accelerates the next step in Research & Development across DATA Transformations we at Data@Maveric-systems.com are listening!

About Maveric Data Technology Practice

Backed by domain, driven by technology, validated at each step, we are committed to accelerate your business through precise decisions using on demand data, engineered for accuracy.


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