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Operating in the dynamic world, with the ever-growing digital first approach towards everything, the financial services industry, especially the banks, are looking to up their game to stay on track and in trend. The banks are coming to the daunting realization that their legacy systems will soon become obsolete and they will need to roll up their sleeves to bring in rapid modernization.

EY’s Global FinTech Adoption Index 2019 suggests that the adoption of fintech has almost doubled in the past two years, reaching to 64% in 2019 from 33% in 2017 with emerging markets leading the way. In fact, the index also finds that the rate of adoption is growing faster than anticipated depicting that the future of banking is digital

The rapidly evolving digital trend is seeing an equal rise of complexities in core banking solutions. Your connected core needs a unique support and maintenance framework to consistently deliver the best performance. Contextual support solutions that offer banking customers with faster resolution in case of a production issue, process streamlining opportunities, continuous monitoring, automation first approaches, cost optimization etc, will help them to gain a substantial competitive edge.

Maveric’s Temenos Transact Integrated Support Model

Maveric is a trusted Temenos partner of choice for more than 15 years and our 20+ years of expertise in the banking industry gives us an accumulated insight to provide customer-focused Temenos Transact core banking support services.

Our experts undertake a modular approach to stabilize and optimize core banking applications while freeing up the crucial time of the company’s team to focus on their core business tasks. Our key priority is business innovation to maintain system availability and improve operational efficiencies to lower costs of operations in the long term.

Our certified Temenos specialists enable us to deliver high-quality support that is optimally tailored to address the existing and futuristic business requirements of the bank. We offer consultation, follow up, and coordination for end-to-end tech, environment, and operational support services:

  • Tech support – Under tech solutions, our team offers support for priority Level 1, 2, and 3 for effective incident management, resolution of technical errors and issues, and code development as per the bank’s specific requirements. Our systematic and disciplined approach reduces the number of incidents and enables us to achieve a short resolution time.
  • Environment support– We offer tailored Temenos product development and subsequent environment support. Under this, we extend support not only for production but also for the non-production environments. Our certified and highly-qualified team along with our automation-first approach makes it easier to allow robust development, product testing, training, and pre-production of the solutions.
  • Operational Services – Under our services for operational support, our team uses a real-time dashboard to fix defective codes, make any L3 code changes, and release updates for release deployment. Apart from this, we undertake configuration, user management, and continuous monitoring of batch processes along with COB management.

Temenos offers exceptional tools and software systems to address fraud, manage the risk, and stay compliant with the standards of the products.

Our Managed Transition Process

Our team initiates the Temenos transition process while keeping in mind the risk management to minimize business disruption and maximize knowledge acquisition. We value your time and understand the criticality of smooth migration and therefore, we opt for a more streamlined and stage-based approach to achieve a steady growth-oriented state in just about 12 weeks. Here is how we do it:

  • Proper planning for transition: Planning the transition is the first and foremost stage and may require a couple of weeks for our R&D team and Temenos experts to properly draft out an implementation plan.
  • Knowledge transfer: An extension of the planning phase, under this stage, we brainstorm, ideate, configure, and share necessary knowledge for Temenos transition.
  • Primary Support: Code development, environment management, release deployment, etc., are undertaken at this stage which may take up to 4 weeks.
  • Secondary Support and Achieving a Steady State: A phase of continuous improvement to achieve a smoother operations state within the next four weeks, our team offers training, testing, and monitoring along with the close of business management.

The Maveric 3C Advantage

Maveric has core Temenos expertise including the Transact application allowing us to offer flexible engagement models. Partnering with us for all your Temenos solution support will help you leverage the best value out of your core banking systems and environment.

Outsource Temenos support services to Maveric and enjoy the 3C advantage of best-in-class competencies, superior capabilities, and passion for continuous improvement. Let us discuss each one in detail:

Competency: We have been serving top banks across the world by developing cutting-edge competencies to build tailored Temenos products that deliver optimized results. This involves:

  • Superior dedication and cultured ownership on steering the transformation programs for effective and steady growth.
  • A pragmatic approach to innovation with automation at its core.
  • Building strong relationship ethos and trust in the zero-hype policy.

Capability: Maveric proudly boasts a vast cumulative team experience in Temenos Transact implementation and draws the best consultants and experts available from a global resource pool of Temenos Transact professionals.

Our Temenos certified specialists are seasoned with various modules offering them a more knowledge-driven insight into various aspects of Temenos.

Their years of experience have led them to work across different OS and databases, adding further to their expertise.

  • Process monitoring expertise through Run book
  • Diverse exposure in commonly used middleware’s
  • Experience in smooth execution of COBs and other batch jobs
  • Vast knowledge repositories

Continuous Improvement: Our centers of excellence continuously strive to improve deliverables and innovate better solutions. We are always discovering new ways of using technologies, developing better products, and offer better turnarounds to maximize the operational efficiency and Temenos architecture of the bank.

  • Developing automated help text and videos to address queries for commonly occurring issues
  • Ensuring real-time notifications and alerts to stay agile
  • Library of workaround solutions
  • Improve IT maintenance schedules

Getting the best out of Maveric’s Temenos Support Services

As one of the world’s foremost providers of banking transformation services, Maveric has played an instrumental role in transforming banks and other financial institutions through cutting-edge technologies. We offer comprehensive, end-to-end Temenos application support to ensure business continuity by resolving any business-related or technical errors, complying with SLAs, and offering innovative automation services. Present in multiple countries, Maveric has a 550-member team with in-depth Temenos product proficiency. Outsourcing Temenos support to us allows organizations to maximize their revenues and significantly reduce their direct and indirect operational expenses. Thus, ensuring your internal teams to focus more on critical business priorities to #AccelerateNext.

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