Voice Of Customer Analytics Lens

Capture feedback real time, analyse improvement areas, empower product owners with actionable insights


As technology landscape throws up data platforms and sources every now and then, new possibilities emerge for novel customer services and products.

What fuels this ‘imagination-explosion’ are today’s data transformation possibilities and data analytic processes.

Do these business priorities command more of executive bandwidth?

Continuously improve mobile apps for seamless banking

Leverage banks to focus on app’s immediate challenges

Sorting, prioritizing, classifying complaints in the mobile app

Analyse transaction descriptions to build customer personas

Analyse investment info and cherry pick features for advisors

It is likely you answered yes to more than a few!?

Maveric’s robust solution ties in data sources with data transformation processes that involve high-calibre data analytics, to output an executive consumption layer displaying action- dashboards

When you adopt VoCal – Maveric’s Voice for Customer Analytics Lens – you are choosing Next-Gen ML and AI framework that deciphers and connects customer feedbacks for unearthing concealed improvement areas and deriving actionable insights

So, banks can deliver personalized mobile app campaigns that boost engagement, allowing you to connect with your customers on a deeper and more meaningful level – drive engagement, and conversion by discovering what drives retention, revenue, loyalty.

VoCAL empowers you to make decisions that arrest customer churn, app uninstalls, and encourage conversions using predictive analytics.

Finally, you are able to combine multiple layers of customer profile, behavioural, and historical data that not only provides detailed audience segmentation but also improves their app. experience, translating your marketing campaigns to meaningful ROI.

Count on the Maveric Advantage

Data is the lifeblood of precision banking and superior experience delivery. Maveric teams drill deeper than domain, to understand the nuances of a bank’s issues and aspirations. There is a distinctive competitive edge to be had in how data is used to solve your bank’s unique business problems and drive your particular growth strategies. The best technologies across the Data Maturity Scale are applied to configure fit-to-purpose data solutions, which allow for data to be mined and sliced in ways most relevant to your needs.

As mobile banking apps entrench deeper into top banks’ customer acquisition and retention strategy, Maveric’s VoCAL brings speed, and criticality to On-Demand Accurate data.

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