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Maveric Systems collaborates with CA technologies on service virtualization platform

Maveric Systems, a financial services technology assurance specialist, will enhance its capabilities on the CA Service Virtualization platform

June 30, 2016: CA Technologies and Maveric Systems, a leading technology assurance partner to banking and telecom leaders, today announced their collaboration by choosing CA Service Virtualization platform to build solutions for the financial services sector to rapidly accelerate time-to-market and drive business agility to respond faster to market dynamics. This will be achieved by eliminating constraints across the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and accelerate time-to-market by enabling parallel software development, testing and validation. This collaboration is the first step towards leveraging upon mutual inherent strengths to offer tools and services with a combined solution and service offering that will be of greater value to customers.

Financial institutions are transitioning their application development methodology towards agile with the aim of releasing applications and upgrades at a faster pace to ensure end-customer satisfaction. However, this shift to agile is a challenging process and there is much need and scope for innovation in implementing agile for business applications. Maveric Systems recognized this trend in the banking sector and is geared towards enabling banks with an assured quality application through an Integrated DevOps approach. As part of these offerings, service virtualisation is a very integral component that will reduce the go-to- market period, increase the scope of automation, and cope with subsequent product/version releases with minimal change.

“CA Technologies’ service virtualisation platform is an acclaimed industry-standard automation tool widely used by most financial institutions globally. By adopting this platform, Maveric’s domain and assurance capabilities will be combined with the platform’s competencies. We aim to create domain-specific solutions that can be customized to specific institutions’ needs, help increase the scope of automation while investing minimal time, effort & cost, and thereby enhance the quality of core assurance function”, Venkatesh P, Co-founder and Director – Platforms and Solutions, Maveric Systems said.

There are several constraints involved during a software development lifecycle and service virtualization helps in making the process seamless by eliminating these constraints. The most significant step that service virtualization helps achieve, is to start the process of testing from the very beginning of the development lifecycle, thereby enabling OpEx & CapEx reduction, parallel development and testing, infrastructure requirement reduction, and elimination of costs for third-party services.

“Today’s dynamic business environment demands financial institutions to stay agile to addresscustomers’ demands, help manage risk and be compliant. As a result, it is imperative for financialinstitutions to deliver higher quality applications with a faster go-to- market approach. By adoptingthe CA Service Virtualization platform Maveric will work towards offering solutions that can meetthese challenges – especially in testing – which has always been a big bottleneck in the entiredevelopment lifecycle. CA Service Virtualization will help to eliminate constraints, thereby optimizingthe software development lifecycle.” said Ashok Vasan, vice president, Application Delivery, AsiaPacific & Japan, CA Technologies.

Since 2012, Maveric has moved towards being a lifecycle assurance provider focussing on defectprevention, rather than defect detection. Service virtualization is a strong accelerator of this shift intesting to earlier in the development lifecycle, thereby strengthening the concept of defectprevention. By building capabilities on CA Service Virtualization platform, Maveric aims to strengthenits requirements–to-release offerings for its banking customers.

About Maveric Systems

Started in 2000, Maveric Systems is a leading provider of IT Lifecycle Assurance with expertise across requirements to release. With a strong focus on the Banking and Telecom sectors, Maveric has built a business on the principles of deep domain expertise and innovation. Maveric’s client portfolio includes a wide array of renowned banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, leading software product companies and telecom companies.

Headquartered in Chennai, the company has offices in Bangalore, Dubai, Riyadh, London, New Jersey, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur with a dedicated global offshore delivery centre in Chennai.

For more information, please visit: www.maveric-systems.com

About CA Technologies

CA Technologies (NASDAQ:CA) creates software that fuels transformation for companies and enablesthem to seize the opportunities of the application economy. Software is at the heart of every businessin every industry. From planning, to development, to management and security, CA is working withcompanies worldwide to change the way we live, transact, and communicate – across mobile, privateand public cloud, distributed and mainframe environments. Learn more at www.ca.com

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