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Mahadevan V (Maha) is director of sales and strategic relationships at Maveric. In this role, he works closely with the Top 50 global banks to generate long term annuity business, integrate multiple service offerings and make Maveric the Preferred Global Technology Transformation Partner for banking leaders.

In a career spanning 12 years at Maveric, Maha has been instrumental in forging strategic relationships with global banking leaders and expanding our engagement foot print across multiple locations. He has also been leading the business development teams to drive growth across UK and Europe. He envisions Maveric becoming a truly global brand that is active across various lines of business with an ability to address transformation challenges.

Prior to Maveric, Maha worked with Polaris Software as Senior Vice-President & Head of Strategic Business Unit. His 15-year stint at Polaris included managing large outsourcing projects in BFS with clients like Citibank, Deutsche Leasing, NEC Corporation and Shinsei Bank. The initial years of his career also saw him play a key role as project leader in Aparajitha Technologies and Ultra Business Machines Pvt Ltd. He holds a bachelor’s degree in science from University of Madras.

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