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DevOps is strongly founded on the power of automation and “anything that can be automated must be automated,” is its underlying principle. DevOps makes automation central to all processes across the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) and gives way to what we know as continuous everything.

Continuous everything must be understood as a software development lifestyle where achieving continuous quality is the ultimate objective, Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) being the means to achieve it, and Continuous Testing (CT) as its engine. If we see it at a granular level, it all begins with continuous testing, and contrary to the traditional waterfall development methodologies and even the initial DevOps ideologies, continuous testing is baked into the DevOps pipeline at the very beginning and not placed after the product is ready.

At Maveric, we accelerate your next with this core belief system which inculcates the best and most suited testing practices right at the beginning and ensures that the product, the environment, and all the other relevant variables are continuously tested through intelligent methods and approaches for continuous quality

Maveric’s Strategy for Continuous Testing

Our core commitment to accelerating your next is based on our team’s comprehensive competencies and conscious contextualization to offer continuous quality.

For seeping in continuous testing in the CI/CD pipeline, our strategy for software delivery is backed by two core elements:

  • Uncompromising SPEED
  • Supreme SCALE

Speed is the elementary need for transformation to flourish and at Maveric, we take it seriously. We follow a rigorous approach towards eliminating any data, organizational, or mindset silos to develop continuous testing and continuous delivery DevOps framework, allowing us to easily build and run more apps, builds, and commands in lesser time and with better efficiency.

Mastering the art of Continuous Testing

There’s never a one-size-fits-all framework to make continuous testing a part of each process and task across the SDLC. Every project needs a specialized and focused approach and we at Maveric. are masters at creating an effective suite of continuous testing methodologies after a careful and in-depth assessment of project demands. The custom suite is generally designed from the following range of tests with distinct scope for every project:

#1: Unit testing
Unit tests take place on the CI server itself and test each system unit in isolation with the main aim of getting immediate feedback on the new codes. A well-prepared and thoroughly executed unit testing enables obtaining a well-structured code by isolating problematic components that are easier to debug and fix. Unit testing also paves the way to oversee whether or not the different units of source code connect properly with each other and work.

#2: Integration Testing
Unit tests are generally followed by integration testing wherein the components of the software are merged into the shared pipeline and then tested to ensure smooth functioning of the integrated units and detect any potential points of failure in them.

#3: Performance Testing
A more specific test, performance testing is applied to specific applications or services. They are carried out to track the speed, overall uptime, and the reliability of the product or the individual feature. Performance testing can be done during the staging environment stage as well as during production and is critical for UI testing as it establishes the exact way of how the customers will experience the service, proactively detecting discrepancies and delays, if any.

#4: End-to-End and Regression Testing
As the name suggests, as the engineers go further up the SDLC, when the code is finalized, running end-to-end tests becomes imperative to test that data and the workflow throughout the application or the service as intended. They are performed by packaging the finalized code and deploying it across different servers to examine whether or not the application works in a free environment the same way as in production.

#5: Acceptance Testing
Before heading up to the production, acceptance testing is pivotal to check its compliance with any internal or external statutory/regulatory requirements of the client’s organization.

#6: Smoke/Confidence Testing
Smoke testing is undertaken whenever new functionalities are developed in the software for integration with the existing software build. Under this, the key elements or the functionalities are identified and tested to ensure that they are correctly working or not with the others. It is usually done to simplify the detection and correction of any critical defects in the early stages and is performed after the build is released to QA.

#7: Chaos Testing
It is a type of testing devised for building application resiliency. Under chaos testing, the DevOps team deliberately and actively injects chaos during staging and production environments to see how well the application or the service withstands adverse scenarios. Chaos engineering is vital to help expose the problems in infrastructure and applications that otherwise might never come to light before the real-life mishap causing confusion and greater stress.

The Key Takeaway: Accelerate your next with continuous testing for continuous quality

Maveric believes in delivering value on a daily basis and to be able to do that we invest all our efforts, energies, and time into building products with continuous quality engineering. Our value proposition lies in our team’s dedication and abilities in the most advanced toolkits for continuous and automated testing throughout all stages of the software development and release lifecycle. We are reinventing, reengineering, and reestablishing continuous quality standards through promising and consistent CI/CD methodologies founded on our sound system of continuous testing. Contrary to the lethargy-led propaganda that continuous testing delays product development, we have been instrumental in leading exponential growth for many of our clients using a well-structured CT approach, truly delivering our brand promise of accelerating your next with continuous quality taking the center stage.

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