Oracle Customer Data Management (OCH)

Empowering data driven decisions

Building strategies with data insights which

The essence of customer data management

Effective sales and marketing campaigns rely on the right data to produce the right outcome. Using the principles of oracle master data management, businesses can easily govern, monitor and manage their core customer data to design effective sales and marketing programs.

Maveric’s Oracle Siebel customer data management service, enables enterprise to manage customer data over the complete customer life cycle. These include the following

  • Capturing customer data
  • Validating
  • Standardizing
  • Identification and merging of duplicate records
  • Enrichment of customer profile
  • Distribution of “single-source of truth” – master version of the customer to other operational systems.

Our Value proposition

What we offer

  • Impact assessment
  • De-duplication strategy identification, setup and execution to enable real-time duplicate identification
  • Implementation of master customer data hub
  • End-to-end Siebel testing

The Results we deliver

  • Create and manage clean complete customer data with a high degree of trust across the enterprise
  • Improved marketing performance and effective sales campaigns with accurate contact information
  • Improved operational efficiency as a result of reduced data management costs , lower sales order errors and reduced sales cycle time
  • Standardized master data reduces non-compliance/conformance risks and reduces credit risk costs

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