Our approach aims at re-engineering the Quality Assurance function into an integrated unit with development so as to deliver sustainable quality and velocity in line with business requirements. With agility focus, we help banks drastically reduce release cycles thereby helping them reach customers faster with new applications or upgrades. Our Quality Engineering model and framework can be replicated across multiple lines of business and regions and comprise of the following key pillars.

Our approach defines the desired state and transformation drivers for embedding Quality Engineering across the four phases of IT lifecycle, thereby helping you deliver committed business benefits across your technology initiatives.

Req QE

Req QE: Aimed at comprehensive coverage of business and engineering requirements while aiding decision making through impact and risk analysis of the user story being completed in the release

Dev QE

Dev QE: Improving code quality by maximizing functional and non-functional test coverage through user interface, services and database layers

Lean QE

Lean QE: Driving operational acceptance through multiple Quality Assurance initiatives across application assurance, non-functional testing, performance testing etc.

Run QE

Run QE : Monitoring external systems changes and impact at the same time, aiding benchmarking and tuning