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We are a leading domain led, banking technology specialist, transforming retail banking, corporate banking and wealth management digital ecosystems. Over the next 3 years we aim to further consolidate our BankTech leadership position by expanding services as we all as market expansion/scale across US and Europe regions and leadership investments in digital engineering.


We are seeking PaymentTech Leader with a deep expertise in the payment segment of the BFSI industry, specifically in contactless payments, digital wallets, real-time payments, and mobile payments integrations. The ideal candidate will have a strong track record in modernizing payment processes and integrating with payment networks in both the US and Europe. Regulatory knowledge, strategic thinking, and a focus on client success are essential for this role.


Key competencies:

    • Deep understanding of payment technologies, regulations, and industry dynamics, with specific experience in contactless payments, digital wallets, real-time payments, and mobile payments integrations.
    • Proven ability to lead and deliver successful consulting engagements with a focus on modernization and network integrations.
    • Experience in implementing automation and advanced technologies in payment processes.
    • Deep understanding of technology trends impacting payments across areas like AI and machine learning in fraud detection, blockchain for security and transparency, biometric authentication and tokenization.
    • Experience in working across wide range of payment rails like payment gateways, mobile wallets, real-time payment systems, contactless technology and digital wallets.
    • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
    • Excellent communication and presentation skills.
    • Ability to build and maintain strong client relationships.
    • Familiarity with regulatory requirements in the BFSI sector, especially in the US and Europe.


  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering with Masters in a relevant field (Finance, Business, or a related discipline).
  • 18 – 25 years of experience in consulting, with a focus on the payment segment within the BFSI industry.


  • Business Building and Accountability:
    • Take accountability for engaging with customers and closing deals for the PaymentTech practice, to achieve an annual revenue run rate of $25 million within 36 months.
    • Ensure all contracts yield gross-margins, and EBITA as targeted by CFO.
    • Partner in business development initiatives to support achievement of above goals.
  • Client Consultation:
    • Engage with BFSI clients to understand their payment-related challenges, objectives, and modernization goals.
    • Provide expert guidance on contactless payments, digital wallets, real-time payments, and mobile payments integrations, tailoring strategies to meet specific client needs.
  • Payment System Modernization:
    • Assess existing payment systems and processes within BFSI clients, with a focus on modernizing contactless, digital, and real-time payment capabilities.
    • Develop and implement strategies to enhance efficiency, reduce operational costs, and improve customer experience through the integration of advanced payment technologies.
  • Regulatory Compliance:
    • Stay informed about the latest regulations and compliance requirements in the payment segment of the BFSI industry, especially those related to contactless payments and real-time payments.
    • Advise clients on ensuring their payment systems are compliant with relevant laws, regulations, and data protection requirements.
  • Technology Integration:
    • Evaluate emerging technologies in the payment space and recommend suitable solutions for BFSI clients’ modernization initiatives, with a focus on contactless, digital wallets, and real-time payments.
    • Guide clients through the integration of new payment technologies, including mobile payments integrations with networks.
  • Risk Management:
    • Assess and mitigate risks associated with payment processes, emphasizing the importance of security in contactless, digital, and real-time payment solutions.
    • Advise clients on implementing robust fraud detection and prevention measures in the context of modern payment technologies.
  • Strategic Planning:
    • Develop and deliver strategic plans for clients to align payment modernization strategies with overall business goals, especially in the context of contactless, digital, and real-time payments.
    • Collaborate with client leadership to ensure a cohesive approach to modernization and integration efforts.
  • Market Intelligence:
    • Stay abreast of market trends, competitor activities, and innovations in the payment segment, particularly in contactless, digital wallets, real-time payments, and mobile payments integrations.


This role reports to the CTO.


  • Unparalleled autonomy in building, scaling, and benefiting from a world-class digital banking solutions portfolio.
  • Best-in-class compensation ensuring long-term wealth creation.
  • Opportunity to become a renowned business leader in the banking technology domain.


  • Specialization oversight: Focusing solely on one aspect (domain, technology, or delivery).
  • Lack of business acumen: Inability to articulate customer value effectively.
  • Non-metric driven approach: Failure to incorporate a metrics-driven approach to solution strategies.
  • Lack of team collaboration: Not exhibiting strong team player attributes.

Join us in this exciting journey to lead transformative projects in the Payments technology domain. Your leadership will be instrumental in creating a world-class digital banking solutions portfolio. Let’s shape the future of PaymentTech together.

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