Insights driven Quality Engineering with IQe Lighthouse

The essence of data-driven culture has never been so critical as it is today. Quality engineers need the power of data science to continuously introspect, improve and transform testing cycle journeys. In the world of Agile and DevsecOps, getting acute insights across your quality cycle pipelines is a must to accelerate your transformation journey.

Experiencing Insights led Quality Engineering

Maveric’s IQe Lighthouse platform provides a unique real-time visualization dashboard to monitor the end-to-end testing progress. Data is smartly fetched from multiple channels and sources to present a unified view of the overall testing health. Lighthouse is crafted with a robust analytical layer to offer actionable insights by means of intuitive dashboards – which are descriptive, prescriptive and predictive in nature. Businesses can avoid cost leakages by predicting and preventing defects much earlier in the SDLC stages, through the means of proactive and intelligent quality cycle monitoring. Real-time access to data at any given point of time is an absolute possibility of Lighthouse.

Quick Features of Lighthouse

  • Unified view of end to end testing and health
  • Real-time or near real-time access to data
  • Integration with multiple tools and ecosystems
  • Analytics to provide actionable insights
  • Cross-filter and drill down to explore data
  • Multi-channel consumption

The 3-Key Foundation Pillars of Lighthouse


Automatically collect data in real-time from different customer data sources and tools of choice.


Performs calculations and advanced analytics using machine-learning algorithms on aggregated data


Insights are presented in visuals to enable quick decision making

The Value Delivered

Better Quality

  • 100% accuracy and reliability with automated dashboards
  • Remove errors that might otherwise happen in a manual process

OPEX and Efforts Reduction

  • Reduction in manual efforts to extract data and generate report
  • One-time investment for set-up, configuration, training with no specific requirement for SMEs.
  • Provides near real-time view of data with minimal time-lag

Higher Visibility

  • 360° view of quality at various stages of SDLC in a single dashboard through seamless integration with multiple data sources
  • Comprehensive Project transparency

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