Elevating human experience (HX) with DEEP

Your mobile banking application need a periodic independent assessment of performance in order to be the front runner in their chosen markets and segments. This assessment is to be done both ways-looking at what the existing and prospective customers hold and what the peers and competitors are doing and those recommended by analysts who rank these applications.

Stand out in the digital banking crowd with DEEP

Maveric’s DEEP (Digital Experience Enhancement Platform) solution is a next-generation platform, which closely evaluates customer experience quality and provides continuous improvement strategies that assure superior HX. DEEP’s automated analytical engines help banking firms in solving the growing puzzles of

  • Comprehending usage patterns and customer experience with reliable and analytical insights
  • Assesses bank’s digital mobile application maturity in its operating ecosystem
  • Identifies technical issues and bottlenecks that exist within the application and user journeys in comparison to industry standards, benchmarks and competition

Quantifying HX with the forces of DEEP

DEEP’s analytical construct is divided into two lenses.
    • DEEP Technical-Lens (T-Lens) evaluates and benchmarks frequently needed feature sets, real-time transaction data, application services, etc required by digital banking clients
    • DEEP Customer-Lens (C-Lens) captures customer feedback, complaints and improvement areas through public forums like App Store, Play Store etc and internal customer forums like CRMs, internal feedback reports etc

Voice of Customer App Store, Play Store

Voice of Internal Customer systems (CRM etc)

Ease of Customer Journeys (Business Data)

Application Feature set

Product / Service Quality (Operational Data)

Voice of Engineering Process

Transaction Outcome (Real-time Data)

Customer Lens
Technical Lens

DEEP analyses mobile applications across 50+ services and 7 dimensions.

Take a closer look of DEEP for its overall coverage, outcomes and sample assessment reports to learn more

The Value Delivered

Better business outcomes

Quantified HX maturity scores and customized recommendations for enhanced conversions & revenues

Minimized capital expenditure

Leverage zero capex platform and deliver first-time-right quality

Improved compliance

Ensure regulatory compliance and obtain relevant certifications

Superior business agility

Up to 30% reduction in time to market for rollout of new features with informed insights

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