Digital Transformation Leader

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We are a leading domain led, banking technology specialist, transforming retail banking, corporate banking and wealth management digital ecosystems. Over the next 3 years we aim to further consolidate our BankTech leadership position by expanding services as we all as market expansion/scale across US and Europe regions and leadership investments in digital engineering.


We are seeking a seasoned and visionary leader to champion our digital technology offerings for banking customers. This role sits at the epicenter of digital engineering, advanced analytics, and quality engineering CoEs, acting as a strategic advisor and problem solver for both sales and account teams. It will be at the forefront of transformative technologies like cloud first architectures, open banking APIs, AI and ML as well as biometric authentication.


  • Education: Bachelor’s/master’s degree in technology or a related field from a reputed institute. Business degree preferred.
  • Experience:
    • 18+ years of experience, including 10+ years in digital banking and 4+ years in a consulting/thought leadership role.
    • Extensive experience working with leading banks and financial institutions.
    • Proven success in leading and delivering complex digital transformation projects across diverse technology stacks.
  • Technical Skills:
    • Deep understanding of digital banking technologies (Cloud, API, AI/ML, Blockchain, Biometric Authentication, etc.).
    • Familiarity with agile methodologies and DevOps practices.
    • Expertise in core banking systems and financial technology platforms.
  • Domain Knowledge:
    • Strong grasp of key digital banking concepts like Open Banking, Platform Banking, Digital KYC, etc.
    • Understanding of regulatory frameworks impacting the banking industry.
    • Knowledge of current and emerging trends in digital banking innovation, along with the ability to translate them into practical solutions for clients.
  • Soft Skills:
    • Exceptional communication and presentation skills, captivating audiences with your vision and expertise.
    • Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities, dissecting complex challenges and crafting innovative solutions.
    • Collaborative and team-oriented approach, fostering a culture of open communication and shared success.
    • Client-centric mindset with a focus on business value creation, understanding the unique needs and aspirations of each client.


  • Business Building and Accountability:
    • Take accountability for engaging with customers and closing deals for the Digital Banking practice, to achieve an annual revenue run rate of $25 million within 36 months.
    • Ensure all contracts yield gross-margins, and EBITA as targeted by CFO.
    • Partner in business development initiatives to support achievement of above goals.
  • Champion Digital Technology Offerings:
    • Partner with sales and account management to convert leads into successful engagements, fuelled by your deep understanding of the latest banking tech trends.
    • Advocate for our cutting-edge digital solutions, crafting compelling narratives and artifacts that showcase the power of these technologies for customer transformation.
    • Lead innovation workshops and design sessions to co-create solutions with existing and new clients, drawing upon your expertise in emerging tech.
    • Stay ahead of the curve by continuously researching and evaluating new technologies and their potential impact on the banking industry.
  • Drive Value Creation and Delivery:
    • Ensure the quality of solutions aligns with industry benchmarks and exceeds client expectations, setting the gold standard for excellence in digital banking implementations.
    • Collaborate with CoEs to develop reusable frameworks and methodologies that leverage the latest technologies, giving us a competitive edge in the market.
    • Partner with delivery and CoE teams to build a skilled resource pool equipped with the expertise to handle the most complex digital transformation projects.
    • Foster a collaborative environment where sales, account management, and delivery teams work seamlessly towards shared goals, capitalizing on the power of collective knowledge and innovation.
  • Business Acumen and Thought Leadership:
    • Possess an astute understanding of the banking landscape and the current digital transformation challenges faced by financial institutions.
    • Translate complex technical concepts into tangible business value for clients, demonstrating the ROI of cutting-edge technologies.
    • Contribute to industry publications and thought leadership initiatives, establishing yourself as a recognized expert in the field of digital banking.
    • Build a strong network within the banking ecosystem, forging connections with key influencers and decision-makers.


This role reports to the CTO.


  • Best-in-class remuneration package.
  • Potential for long-term wealth creation and industry recognition.
  • Opportunity to contribute to the growth of a pioneering practice in Digital Banking.


  • Ambiguity Avoidance: If you can’t stand a bit of uncertainty, we might not be the right fit. Ambiguity is our playground; we love navigating the unknown.
  • Structure Snubbers: If you crave rigid structures and processes, we’re not your cup of chai. We roll with flexibility and adaptability.
  • Rigidity Rejectors: If you’re set in your ways and allergic to change, this might not be your dream job. We embrace innovation and evolving strategies.
  • Upsell Soloists: If you’re all about upselling and stealing the spotlight, we’re not grooving together. We’re a team, not a one-person show.

If you are a visionary leader ready to shape the future of digital banking, contribute to the growth of a pioneering practice, and reap the rewards of your success, we invite you to explore this exciting opportunity at Maveric Systems. Join us in this journey and be a key driver of success in the evolving BankTech landscape.

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