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In today’s rapidly evolving financial landscape, the power of right-sized partnerships between fintech companies and financial institutions (FIs) is becoming increasingly evident. These strategic partnerships are characterized by niche-technology skills, domain specializations, and a strong commitment that tech providers contribute to the success of FIs. Smaller-size tech providers are agile, flexible, unbureaucratic, and relationship-focused, enabling them to learn faster in the marketplace and deliver innovative solutions tailored to the specific needs of their FI partners.

Maveric’s Right-Sized Partnership Edge

Maveric began as an independent testing provider, then transitioned into quality assurance, then transformed into a multi-competency provider, and changed course yet again as banking solutions specialists with a hyper-focus on areas like CX, Digital Operations, Data, and Regulatory Tech. Maveric has grown its presence consciously, keeping in mind undiluted client commitment and the expertise of ‘niche’ tech domains.

Importance of Niche-Technology Skills and Domain Specializations

Right-sized partnerships are increasingly common and valuable because they provide FIs to access specialized expertise that may be available in various ways. Fintech companies often focus on specific technologies or industry segments, such as AI, blockchain, mobile payments, or robo-advisors, allowing them to develop deep expertise in these areas. By collaborating with such tech providers, FIs can leverage their niche skills to enhance their product offerings, optimize operations, and deliver better customer experiences.

For example, a partnership between a traditional bank and a fintech specializing in AI-driven chat interfaces can result in personalized customer service and improved engagement. Similarly, collaboration with a blockchain-focused fintech can enable the bank to streamline cross-border payments and enhance security.

Recent Illustrations for Right-Sized Partnerships

NYMBUS: NYMBUS, a leading provider of cutting-edge financial technology solutions, recently raised $70 million in a Series D funding round. With strategic investments from clients like ConnectOne Bank and PeoplesBank, NYMBUS empowers FIs to embrace modernization and thrive in the evolving market. Their cloud-based solutions and diverse product portfolio are driving transformational change in the financial services industry, enhancing growth and delivering value to their clients.

Morgan Stanley: Morgan Stanley actively seeks partnerships with tech vendors focused on cloud, data, and AI. Their tech strategy concentrates primarily on buying rather than building, as they recognize the value of collaborating with specialized tech providers. Using a three-part framework to evaluate potential vendors, they can efficiently identify the best-fit partners and accelerate the testing and onboarding process. This approach has enabled Morgan Stanley to tap into the vast pool of tech startups, including AI-focused companies like OpenAI, to drive transformative change within their organization and enhance their wealth management business

Agility, Flexibility, and Relationship-Focused Approach

Right-sized tech providers offer several advantages to FIs due to their size and approach:

  • Agility and Flexibility: Smaller tech providers can respond quickly to market demands and changes, enabling FIs to stay competitive. They can adapt their solutions to specific FI requirements, ensuring a tailored fit and faster implementation.
  • Unbureaucratic Operations: With fewer layers of hierarchy, smaller tech providers have streamlined decision-making processes, leading to faster project execution and reduced time-to-market for new products and features.
  • Relationship-Focused: Smaller tech providers prioritize strong relationships with their FI partners, resulting in personalized attention, ongoing support, and continuous improvement based on feedback.
  • Learning Faster in the Marketplace: Smaller tech providers are more open to experimentation and innovation, allowing them to learn and adapt quickly from their experiences to customer needs and market trends
  • Ecosystem building: Banks are actively cultivating ecosystems through collaboration with FinTech partners. This strategic approach aims to provide customers with a comprehensive suite of financial services tailored to their needs, ultimately offering a convenient one-stop shop for all their financial requirements.

Strategic and Tactical Advantages of Right-Sized Partnerships

Right-sized partnerships offer FIs several strategic and tactical advantages, including:

  • Access to Niche Expertise: Partnering with specialized tech providers gives FIs access to cutting-edge technologies and domain knowledge, enhancing their capabilities and expanding service offerings.
  • Reduced Time-to-Market: Agile tech providers can rapidly deploy solutions, enabling FIs to launch new products and services faster, gaining a competitive edge.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Collaborating with the right-sized tech providers allows FIs to leverage external expertise without significant investments in developing in-house capabilities.
  • Innovation and Market Differentiation: By partnering with innovative fintech companies, FIs can differentiate themselves and attract new customers with unique solutions and enhanced customer experiences.
  • Risk Mitigation: Smaller tech providers are often more adaptable to regulatory changes, enabling FIs to navigate strict regulations and compliance requirements more effectively.


The power of right-sized partnerships between fintech companies and FIs cannot be overstated. The niche-technology skills, domain specializations, and commitment of tech providers offer strategic advantages and flexibility that traditional banks can leverage to drive innovation, enhance customer experiences, and stay competitive in the rapidly changing financial landscape. Effective partnerships rely on a clear understanding of each partner’s responsibilities, goals, and anticipated outcomes, coupled with transparent and open communication.

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