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Temenos T24 (now Transact) is the world’s most widely used digital core-banking solution across retail, corporate, treasury, wealth, and payments, with over 1000 banks in 150+ countries using its cloud-native agnostic technology to create unparalleled customer value.

While each bank is unique, Temenos adapts to a bank’s profile and sector and ultimately works to deliver growth and manage risks and costs.

5 Key benefits of Temenos T24 (Transact) are the following. 

  1. Deliver growth through the single business view. Across business lines, banks leverage T24 to support both their corporate and retail businesses in a seamless operation. The 360-degree view of the customer and total client-centricity helps banks make their customers the focal point. This directly improves customer experience across big or small functions. There is the added advantage of flexibility with Transact. Consequently, the banks’ ability to react to market fluctuations and faster go-to-market speeds brings a first-mover advantage.
  2. Cut costs through reduced infrastructure. T24, through its integrated architecture, can offer broad functional coverage that translates to support for a large number of legacy applications. This brings down the operating costs, as most banks can reduce their core systems across retail, corporate treasury, and Islamic banking needs. Transact can further reduce platform costs as banks typically centralize their international and regional hubs.
  3. Faster response time and increased profitability. Supporting almost every financial product across any market, banks equipped with T24 can handle versatile growth scenarios rapidly. This allows for higher innovation potential. Transact, being essentially multi-channel, offers a rare battle-readiness as new products and services can be launched, and new channels can be added that support new products and market opportunities. This adds up to fewer lost opportunities and higher growth margins.
  4. Scalable infrastructure to maintain low costs. With Transact (earlier T24), banks can stay focused on customer services and grow their base as the core applications support geographical expansion and any M&A activities. The 24X7 support necessary for non-stop global operations is wired into T24 solution offerings. This brings a game-changing difference to delivering locally and to consider any country or region-specific nuance. Furthermore, T24’s system design (linear and horizontal scalability) imposes no limit to system volumes, thereby enabling operations to deliver optimally and maintain low costs.
  5. Advanced Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) helps clients directly leverage the feature-rich suite and the modern and flexible standards that come with SOA platforms. Additionally, T24 has a well-documented, efficient way of handling risk and regulatory requirements. With its layered automation and STP (straight-through processing) across countries, offices, and departments, Transact is best in class for exception handling, error reductions, and enhancing control. Constructed with an open architecture, T24 prevents future obsolescence by releasing frequent upgrades to stay abreast of the changing tech landscape and market realities.


Temenos Transact, designed to exploit disruptive technologies, enables banks to meet their customers’ ever-increasing demands. Reducing the complexity and risk of core banking implementations and as a repository for the best practice, T24 systems have been fine-tuned over 600 global deployments. In the rich Fintech marketplace, T24 is accessible through the Temenos banking cloud– making it a perfect innovation sandbox.


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