BankTech Leader

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We are a leading domain led, banking technology specialist, transforming retail banking, corporate banking and wealth management digital ecosystems. Over the next 3 years we aim to further consolidate our BankTech leadership position by expanding services as we all as market expansion/scale across US and Europe regions and leadership investments in digital engineering.


To drive our expanding technology solutions for the banking sector. Your extensive experience in core banking platforms, enterprise functions, and data platforms makes you an ideal candidate to spearhead key transformations for global banks.

As the BankTech Leader, you will play a pivotal role in the accelerated growth of our organization, leading in three major result areas: Offer Creation, Go-To-Market, and Delivery Excellence. Your role involves developing a comprehensive menu of offerings, collaborating with the sales team for technology engagements and guiding seamless project delivery through various Centers of Excellence (CoEs). Your accountability extends to shaping offerings in digital transformation across front, middle, and back offices.


  • Business Building and Accountability:
    • Take accountability for engaging with customers and closing deals for the BankTech practice, to achieve an annual revenue run rate of $25 million within 36 months.
    • Ensure all contracts yield gross-margins, and EBITA as targeted by CFO.
    • Partner in business development initiatives to support achievement of above goals.
  • Offer Creation:
    • Develop a comprehensive menu of technology offerings for global and regional banks.
    • Handle marketing strategies to ensure effective internal and external communication regarding these offerings.
  • Go-To-Market:
    • Collaborate with the sales team to lead technology engagements, crafting customized solutions for optimal impact and deal-wins.
    • Ensure outstanding customer experience for banking clients through tailored solutions.
  • Delivery Excellence:
    • Partner with various Centers of Excellence (CoEs) to enable seamless delivery of transformative projects.
    • Own the direction of frameworks and accelerators used for digital transformation across banking functions.
  • Innovation and Code Ownership:
    • Shape offerings in digital transformation, owning the direction of frameworks and accelerators based on research on advancement in digital banking technology.
    • Co-own the responsibility of converting these innovations into demonstrable and usable code to win deals and enhance margins.
  • Global Collaboration:
    • Work with teams in the US, Europe, and MEA to leverage sales qualified leads for technology engagements.
    • Collaborate with the marketing function to promote propositions across various media channels.


  • Extensive experience in core banking platforms, enterprise functions, and data platforms.
  • Proven leadership in key transformations for global banks.
  • Strong understanding of digital banking solutions and industry trends.
  • Exceptional team building, communication and collaboration skills.


This role reports to the CTO.


  • Unparalleled autonomy in building, scaling, and benefiting from a world-class digital banking solutions portfolio.
  • Best-in-class compensation ensuring long-term wealth creation.
  • Opportunity to become a renowned business leader in the banking technology domain.


  • Ambiguity Avoidance: If you can’t stand a bit of uncertainty, we might not be the right fit. Ambiguity is our playground; we love navigating the unknown.
  • Structure Snubbers: If you crave rigid structures and processes, we’re not your cup of chai. We roll with flexibility and adaptability.
  • Rigidity Rejectors: If you’re set in your ways and allergic to change, this might not be your dream job. We embrace innovation and evolving strategies.
  • Upsell Soloists: If you’re all about upselling and stealing the spotlight, we’re not grooving together. We’re a team, not a one-person show.

Join us in this exciting journey to lead transformative projects in the banking technology domain. Your leadership will be instrumental in creating a world-class digital banking solutions portfolio. Let’s shape the future of BankTech together.

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