Non Functional Testing And Performance Testing Services

The changes in technology landscape and emergence of new age technologies like digital, Internet of Things (IoT), cloud and mobile have been disrupting the development and release cycles of applications constantly.

Organisations need to ensure that their technology landscape is not only agile and scalable to meet the ever changing needs of their customers, but also stable when faced with issues in a live environment. Any disruption in performance of an application can have far reaching effects on customer satisfaction thereby negatively impacting the organisation’s credibility and brand image.

Managing the performance of an application environment is one of the biggest challenges faced by enterprises today. It is a continuous evolutionary process that comprises of evaluating, defining, benchmarking, monitoring and managing performance and reliability of systems.

Maveric’s non-functional assurance services provides you comprehensive insight into the performance of your application by constantly evaluating, benchmarking and monitoring the performance levels across various architectural layers including operating system, network, application and database. Our key services include load testing, volume testing, capacity testing and stress testing.

Our total performance management approach not only enables you to have a clear picture of your application performance but also enables you to collect and evaluate data to understand root cause of performance issues and take action to prevent future problems.

Our Performance Testing Services Include:

  • Non-functional requirement (NFR) gathering framework to capture NFR early in the lifecycle and build predictive workload modeling.
  • Component level performance testing that helps in identifying performance defects early in the lifecycle.
  • In-depth expertise and experience across wide range of technologies, tools and business domains.