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Scoring with Core Banking


With millions of dollars spent on them, core banking systems CBS are the heart and sinew of today’s banking. These back‐office systems process and post daily transactions to accounts and constitute the deposit, loan, and credit processing capabilities with interfaces to general ledger systems and reporting tools.

As cloud, digital banking, APIs, and Big Data and AI-led solutions gain wider acceptance, Banks rely on their CBS’…

That is a CV for a modern-day Superman.
“Core is Forever”

Today, BankTech experts consider core modernization as a continual WIP investment. With the current paradigm shifts in banking, this is justifiably so. From the resurgence in retail branch banking to experimental success in Metaverses, leveraging data for the hyper-personal experiences, collaborating with the disruptors-Fintechs, and transitioning to green money, Banks are doing more than doling loans and collecting cheques – they are solving customers’ financial problems.
What’s the way for banks to accelerate to their next?
Ultimately, for Banks to modernize their CBS and launch innovative digital services, the solution comes from domain contextualization built on emerging deep tech glued with a foundational QE rigor.

Learnings from the field.

Constructing the Core so Banks Can Care More


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