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Continuous Quality – Maveric’s Quality Engineering Services

Continuous Quality – Maveric’s Quality Engineering Services

Accelerate your business through continuous quality focus across the transformation journey, with Maveric's quality engineering solutions that are engineered for speed, and the ability to be delivered at scale.

Maveric is a world-class leader in providing quality engineering services for the banking industry. Our triple edge - Digital-age quality engineering competency, cutting edge dev-test-ops approach and real time insight driven dashboards - uniquely anticipates typical pitfalls in customer transformation journeys. We are able to therefore proactively manage the choke points through our various contextual solutions.

With a proven track record of supporting 60+ banking transformations, powered by our robust QE approach which is engineered for speed, Maveric assists banks to gain a substantial competitive advantage. Our tech led and domain led QE specialists articulate and orchestrate QE service mastery, with the right blend of functional domain knowledge and early engineering proficiency using DevOps/Agile practices.

At Maveric, we foster the culture of “95% QE automation”, using various facets of cognitive computing and predictive analytics for intelligent automation. We bring them aboard in the shape of tools, accelerators and matured frameworks, as a part of our continuous quality rigor.

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